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Music to Awaken the Heart and Soul


Here you will have a chance to hear all the musicians and singers we have interviewed, take a listen to their music and hear their story and buy their music all here.

“Danae” our Shows music intro “Directions”. 

New song “Gold in the Dirt”

To hear her show GO HERE   To buy her songs GO HERE


Project Bring Me 2 Life

Our mission is to Awaken Humanity to Spirituality and Higher Consciousness as well as promote Global Equality, Unity, Peace and Love. We are actively pursuing our mission with many outlets including our multimedia network, the Bring Me 2 Life Network which includes live radio broadcasts, podcasts, and live streaming TV. Our main goal is to have a physical school where we can teach many subjects such as meditation, metaphysics, holistic health, art, music and more!

For 4 HOURS of Music from Project Bring Me 2 Life 


Project Bring Me 2 Life Music

More on their story and work here Project Bring Me 2 life 

David Snape our new Autistic DJ, he is joining us with his music channel. He is interviewing me (Sara Troy) here on his show. A show to come on David on for the LOVE of Music soon. and Their Story Matters david-snape-a-passionate-autistic-dj-blogger

David’s music selection he has put together for Self Discovery Radio take a listen here.

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Kim Karrington Cartwright:

Artist, Song writer, performer, spiritual awakener.

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To hear her show, see her art and read more about Kim GO HERE 

“We Are Tomorrow” by Pablo Stennet and  Emree Franklin.

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Thier show with me  GO HERE 

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