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Julie Renee: Beautiful from the Inside Out


If you’re thinking about being truly beautiful from the inside out and are ready to have a rocking body now is the perfect time to join in with quantum activation’s Beautiful From The Inside Out weight-loss program.

Beautiful From The Inside Out is a proven program and we’re so excited to offer weight loss along with the ‘youthing’ program. If you’ve thought of having a face-lift or wanted a total body rejuvenation, this program gives you the natural meditation method for accomplishing your goals in just 60 days.

If you like the idea of having a natural advantage and you’ve not yet succeeded with your weight loss goals (having tried other weight-loss programs with little to no results) you’re probably missing a few important elements for weight loss success. Removing the DNA programs around overproduction of fat, and clearing soul contracts and curses, as well as emotions and past life issues, make all the difference in accomplishing your heart’s desire and owning the body you’ve always imagined!

All of these items and many more will be addressed in your Beautiful From The Inside Out Weight loss Journey! Imagine your body returning to its happy fit self! This is a World Premier program offered from Julie Renee.


If you have an over active bladder or struggle with recurring infections, it’s time to clear the programs and the actual tissue in the bladder and feel healthy and relaxed once more. Bladder issues come from both programs running in the body, infections and allergies, and surprisingly a lot of the bladder malfunction is attributed to unhealthy emotions.

Bladders can be a real bummer if they are overactive, and you’re afraid to leave the house, or get caught driving when you have an urgent need. Once a bladder infection takes root, in some cases, no amount of antibiotic can clear the issue. In our very special bladder health class we’ll be clearing dark energies dominating the bladder.
This is a one-day program, and is meant to make a big difference for you and for someone you know and love who struggles with bladder issues, or just wants a great tune up! During this special training we’ll clear programs informing the body for poor function of the bladder. We’ll also be clearing infections. We’ll do regeneration of both the bladder and urethra giving you a solid ground from which to improve. We’ll start a cascade of new cell growth that should help you over the following months to improve bladder function.


This training as life-changing, as you get the control process for your DNA down pat. It’s like your body is a car. You got the car and it came with all kinds of cool gadgets, but with no manual. You don’t really have access to many of the ‘perks’.  Maybe some of the gadgets were cool for your grandparents, but you’d like to permanently disable them, for example the weight and aging DNA program. Without the manual you’ll end up with the same DNA you had, no shifts or improvements.

In this training you’ll learn how to address all issues in your DNA and improve your life radically with some simple quantum activation’s techniques. You’ll learn a very important process called DNA Obliteration, which is the process of removing DNA that’s not serving you. We’ll do DNA resets, so that once you’ve alter DNA for the better, you can reset to a lower function. We’ll remove and harmful or low-functioning Parental DNA. We’ll bring in more God DNA to elevate your vibrations. in.

Inspirational teachers often speak about improving DNA now you can learn how in a very easy-to-follow, practical quantum activation’s training that will change your life.



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