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MH22-43 Lynnis Woods-Mullins V.I.B.E Tips

Mental Health Awareness with Sara Troy with her guest Lynnis Woods Mullins, on air from October 18th

The last couple of years have been very stressful for many reasons, and it appears that we may be in for another few stressful months ahead.   Stats show an increase in people feeling anxious and stressed, up over 25% increase.  Doctors are beginning to see an increase in chronic disease that can be directly tied to stress.  Also, there is a great concern about how all of this stress and anxiety is affecting our immune systems as we head into flu and virus season. 

 But the good news is there are things you can do holistically to minimize your anxiety and stress.  These holistic tips not only get you results but can help you improve your overall wellness.  I will share 5 tips that require incremental lifestyle change that can make a big difference when it comes to feeling that anxiety, stress, worry and sense of overwhelm.

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Lynnis Woods-Mullins is a Certified Holistic Living and Wellness Expert and for women over 40.  She is the Founder of PraiseWorks Health and Wellness a mind, body, spirit wellness company that specializes in educating women 40 and over on wellness. For over 14 years, Lynnis has educated Women over 40 about mind, body, spirit wellness through coaching programs, e-books, webinars, special online events, a digital magazine, and podcast programs, webcast series, and wellness retreats.  The focus topics educate Women about mind, body, spirit wellness using holistic practices, fitness, nutrition, and spiritual renewal.

Lynnis is the creator of the Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond brand, VI.B.E. Living (vibrant, intuitive, beautiful, and emerged) which offers one on one as well as group coaching programs, and the H.O.P.E. and Wellness brand which is a virtual event platform.  She is the Co-Author of “Power Up Super Woman” and Editor and Publisher of Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond E-Magazine.   Lynnis has 2 podcasts, “V.I.B.E. Living” and “The Wellness Journey,” all of which air on Apple Podcast Spotify and 100 other podcast platforms.  She also has a YouTube Show, “Lynnis Minutes,” and is signed with Celebrate The Gray Agency as an influencer and model.  Lynnis has a combined social media following of over 100,000, which includes her Facebook Group V.I.B.E. Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond, which has over17,700 members over 40.

Lynnis has an over 50-year background in dance, and is certified in Nutrition, Life Coaching, Yoga and Pilates. Over the years Lynnis has been recognized internationally and nationally for her contribution to the wellness industry for Women over 40 and has been on TV programs, countless radio shows and podcasts.  Lynnis currently serves on several boards regionally and nationally.

Lynnis attended Spelman College, University of California Davis for her B.A. and MBA respectively.  Lynnis has several certifications.  Among some of her certifications, Certified  Holistic Health Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Life Coach, Certified Yoga and Pilates Instructor.  Lynnis  is currently working on her certification with International Coaching Federation.

Lynnis lives in California with her hubby and has 4 grown daughters and 4 grandchildren and one grandchild on the way.





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