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AK22-44. Wanda Luthman Authoring with God.

Authors Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest Wanda Luthman, on air from October 25th

When you’re at your lowest, who do you turn to? Who is there for you? Some are fortunate to have family and friends who come around them and help them through, but what if, even all those people’s best efforts just don’t bring comfort? What happens when you’re truly alone in the darkest part of the night, where do your thoughts take you? It can be a frightening place to be. Have you ever listened to a song or a sermon or a friend’s words trying to find that one nugget that would ease your pain? I’ve been there and have survived. I hope to inspire others to begin their journey to God or back to God (whatever the case may be), the only one that can truly bring us peace and hope and healing to live again.

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Wanda Luthman is an international multi-award-winning author. She’s been a Christian since she was 3 years old, was baptized at 12 years old, and attended a Christian College in the Midwest double majoring in Psychology and Sociology. She has practiced in the field of counseling for over 20 years. But she felt she really “met” God in her late 40’s when her Pastor taught her contemplative listening which is a Christian form of meditation. Since then, she’s been on a mission to share God’s love with everyone she meets.

I write fantasy adventure stories that show lives being changed by the magic of love! Come on this journey with me and let’s brighten the world.

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