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2022. Give Books for Christmas

Sara Troy shares some of her podcasts guest authors’ books, she has interviewed many illuminating souls and these books make for great Christmas and any-time gifts.

Books are a gift that keeps on giving, you can read them again and again, or just browse through them, refer to others, and or share them, for the story will always give someone what they need in their moments, fiction or non-fiction.

I am sharing some of my Podcasts guests’ books here as an ideal Christmas gift,


Sam Hawksmoor.

I loved reading stories about the future that would take me far away from my boarding school in Woodhall Spa or later St James. The future was exciting then and scary. After careers that involved travel and photography and jointly editing the  Hack Writers Magazine it’s pretty much all been about writing. (Add a smattering of gold prospecting in B.C. & Nevada whilst researching a novel) and teaching (running Creative Writing Masters Programmes at Falmouth & Portsmouth Universities). Somewhere back there also writing radio drama (About 35 plays broadcast), I started teaching ‘Writing for Kids’ which proved to be one of the most popular courses I ran. From there started writing my own YA stories.

A prolific writer and adventurer in his stories, these books are from teens to adults, but adults can get a lot out of the teen’s books too. He always takes you down a path of mystery and leaves you in wondrous thought. His latest books.



Find his books here and the shows he has done with me. SAM HAWKSMOORE

Though Stuart didn’t set out to be an environmental food activist, after transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle in 2008 and feeling better physically, he set out to uncover the statistical connections between our dietary choices and the worldwide crises we’re facing. His new eye-opening book, Escape the Meatrix, is a wake-up call for those willing to face the facts. “My book isn’t for Vegans. It’s for folks trapped in the Meatrix,” says Stuart Waldner..

Many Perfect Children’s Books for Christmas and their shows can be found HERE

Stacy Lee talks about the latest books in her Amazon best-selling Historical Fiction series, set on the beautiful and enchanting New England beaches of York, Maine
The Nubble Light series is set on the beautiful and enchanting New England Beaches of York, Maine. Each of these novels are separate stories that appeal to readers of all ages, especially women. Young adults to seniors have confessed to falling in love with characters that will feel like friends in these quick reads.

BUY THE Nubble Light Series HERE Find Stacy’s show here.

Lainie published the Amazon best-selling book Seen, Heard & Understood, Parenting and Partnering with Teens for Greater Mental Health in May, 2022. Lainie Liberti is the founder and creator of Transformative Mentoring for Teens that launched in early 2020 offering virtual 1:1 coaching for teens as well as a 12-week course designed to transform lives. Lainie is a certified life coach, specializing in transformational coaching.

THE ME TREE BY Ashley Belote,

Bear just wants a tree for himself. No roommates, no guests, just sweet solitude. So he packs up his things, finds a great listing for a spacious tree, and moves in. At first, it’s perfect. Just what he wanted. But he soon realizes that his tree might not be just for him… in fact, there seem to be quite a few residents of this tree. Will Bear learn how to share his Me Tree?


‘Magnificent Me Magnificent You The Great Barrier Reef’ by Dawattie Basdeo, is a children’s story and yoga activities book. This is the second book in the natural wonders of the World Series I am currently writing. In this book twins, Crystal and Leo and their clever dog Einstein embark on an adventure of discovery of the Great Barrier Reef, its beauty, and its teachings. Alongside the story are a range of wellbeing activities children can utilise to support both their physical and mental wellbeing. As well as the above, the book will be fundraising for different organizations working on the conservation of reefs and world oceans.

We are expecting! The twentieth-anniversary edition of this thoroughly updated and revised parenting classic remains the most informative and reassuring book for expectant fathers everywhere. In addition to sharing the wisdom of the ages, Armin A. Brott, Mr. Dad, presents new insight into the emotional, financial, and physical—yes, physical—effects of impending parenthood on men. Thanks to this handy reference moms-to-be will know their partner understands and supports them during this anxious and exciting time, and that he has all the tools he needs to be a fantastic, hands-on dad.

Peter Golenbock is no stranger to legends, having interviewed many of the game’s greats, including Roger Maris, during his 50+ year writing career. His most recent book is the critically acclaimed WHISPERS OF THE GODS, featuring interviews with legends of baseball’s golden era.

When two strangers are thrown into a world of African sorcery, unseen evil, and mystical phenomena, they are forced to confront a fantastical realm that they never imagined existed.

Very few manage to land a job working in the special services for the West African government of Côte d’Esperance. Even fewer are given the responsibility that has been entrusted to Kobenan at such a young age in a role that includes analysing files for the secretive S-cell; a unit which specializes in incidents involving African mysticism and sorcery. BY Yessoh GD

After a car accident in 1993 that left her with a back injury and chronic pain, Deborah Myers finally found relief through acupressure and Jin Shin Jyutsu. This led her on a personal quest to find out more about these ancient healing techniques. Her mission is to share the information and techniques with others.


Victoria is a true survivor and mother of a special need’s miracle child. With more than 16 years of educating herself and countless others within the special needs community. She brings a light to those who’ve known true darkness. Victoria has dedicated a large portion of her life in aiding those who were not in a position to help themselves. 



“Daly develops Eliza’s family ties and shows her passion for social change through her career choices and her opinions …. A work that effectively showcases the power of love, friendship, and faith – both in one’s calling and in oneself – to create change in the world.” – Kirkus Reviews Janis Robinson Daly’s debut novel,

E. A. Smiroldo, novelist, musician and nuclear engineer. Her novel The Silent Count is a cli-fi (climate-change fiction) thriller about a young nuclear engineer who comes up with a daring plan to combat climate change, but faces unintended consequences as she fights for her family, her career, and for humanity. E.A. talks about her background in science as a nuclear engineer specializing in weapons nonproliferation, and the inspiration for this climate-change thriller.

It’s 1998, and China’s political and military leaders are torn by ideological divisions. Amid these seething rivalries, Andrew Callahan arrives in Beijing fresh out of Harvard, planning to spend an adventurous year studying Mandarin and teaching at the renowned International Affairs University. The IAU is known as a training ground for diplomats and spies. But Andrew has no idea that his budding relationship with the attractive and self-assured dean’s assistant, Lily Jiang, will also entangle him in a conspiratorial web of worldwide proportions.

Transcend the mess in your head and how it shows up in your life. Instead, start channeling messages of inner peace and happiness. Whether your mess is about your relationship, money, work, or health, this book will guide you on how to find the purpose and blessings behind them.

“Congratulations to Tom Leihbacher, for writing a heartwarming Christmas story that evokes the traditional Christmas spirit. A Gift Most Rare focuses on a God-honoring relationship between a young boy, a guardian angel and a whole village that rediscovers how best to celebrate Christmas.” – Kevin Sorbo, Actor, Producer, Director

Debbie Monteggia lives in Mesa, AZ with her husband and two dogs. She works in the design industry as an interior designer. She enjoys bicycling, walking and playing pickleball. Debbie is very dedicated to giving back and will allocate a percentage of her book sales to a basic needs charity. 
Debbie also sells individual poems from the book that can be overlaid over a favorite framed picture of a friend or family member. You can view and purchase these poems, and discover more about Debbie below.

Wanda Luthman is an international multi-award-winning author. She’s been a Christian since she was 3 years old, was baptized at 12 years old, and attended a Christian College in the Midwest double majoring in Psychology and Sociology. She has practiced in the field of counseling for over 20 years. But she felt she really “met” God in her late 40’s when her Pastor taught her contemplative listening which is a Christian form of meditation. Since then, she’s been on a mission to share God’s love with everyone she meets.

I write fantasy adventure stories that show lives being changed by the magic of love! Come on this journey with me and let’s brighten the world.

Books available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble 


In the over 50 years of protecting information, Rich Owen has had some great opportunities and received much recognition. He created many computer security programs including the one for Mission Operations at Johnson Space Center, where the astronauts awarded him the “Silver Snoopy” award for protecting their lives. He is a member of the Information Security Hall of Fame and last year he was awarded the industry’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Now that he is retired, he is sharing his knowledge with individuals and small businesses.  He is the author of the “Cyber Security Sam” series of books, which are about a high school student who helps the FBI solve cybercrime.




Most recently, James Gardiner has embarked on traveling and speaking about his powerful new memoir, ALL IN WITH LOVE: my journey to the hero within. This book chronicles his amazing life experiences and accomplishments and showcases how he turned poor choices and failure into a recipe for personal growth. But above all, it is a story of reconnection. Of getting back to the wonder and curiosity of the inner child and living life to its glorious potential. Beautifully and compellingly written, his storytelling not only entertains its readers but also provides them with deep introspective questions and thoughts about life and their younger selves.

Key Messages: Beth Bell is a transformer of relationships to love and life. She shares vulnerable stories and lessons about her own life to help others on their awakening journey. As a pattern disrupter who challenges others to unravel their own stories and break through beliefs to transcend the suffering of the mind, her journey demonstrates: 

How to discover more love and less fear and anxiety — especially as the world appears to be falling apart 

Her new book, Angels, Herpes and Psychedelics, shares her journey of awakening and provides a spiritual toolbox others can learn from.


James Campion’s journey into the song includes the insights of experts in the fields of musicology, sociology, , and history. Campion also reveals commentary from noted Beatles authors, biographers, music historians, and journalists and, finally, a peek into the craft of songwriting from a host of talented composers across several generations. 

Take a Sad Song is a tribute to how a song can define, inspire, and affect us in ways we do not always fully comprehend, as well as a celebration of a truly amazing track in the Beatles canon that reveals one band’s genius and underscores its lasting voice in our cultural and musical landscape.

Monty Ritchings is an Author, Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, Mystic. I believe that we can only truly come to know ourselves by getting past ourselves through our relationship with nature and the Universe. I have been a member of the Rosicrucian Order AMORC for more than 40 years. My studies have included understanding how life works on a Universal level and intuitive medicine.



Miserable Mom: The Do’s and Don’ts of Sending Your Kid to College is fun, lighthearted and brimming with good advice – The perfect gift for any parent navigating this emotional, exciting journey.” – By Sharon L. Brecher 

Simone says “In my new best-selling book, The Extraordinary UnOrdinary You, I detail my journey of adopting three of my six children, my climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, and all of the funny, scary, and inspiring stories that came along the way”.

My goal is to help others realize that the small choices they make every day matter. We all have the power to inspire others, just by being who we are.

Laura Lane specializes in providing loving faith-based support for moms whose kids are fighting for their lives. Laura offers hope in a hopeless situation for caregivers who want to learn how to develop grace under pressure during the daily care of their child.  As a professionally trained transformational workshop leader and cancer mom herself, she is there to support them along the way, help them learn needed skills, and feel understood. Laura engages her audiences in deep spiritual conversations that help bring more joy and gratitude and a closeness to God during the dark nights of the soul.

Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old?: Plan Now to Safeguard Your Health and Happiness in Old Age by Joy Loverde is a step-by-step guide to living the life you want for as long as possible.

Every day, I relive the critical decision I made as a fourteen-year-old attending Trinity, an all-girl’s Catholic high school in River Forest, Illinois. When Sr. Dorothy was looking for a student to visit nursing-home residents on Thanksgiving morning, I hesitated; then raised my hand to volunteer. That decision changed my life forever.




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