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Julieanne O’Connor is the author of the book Spelling It Out for Your Man, Insider Secrets to Sex, Love and Attraction, for Men and Women.

192JULIEBorn in Nevada, Julieanne O’Connor was raised on severely contaminated property outside of Reno where she lost her father to Lymphoma Cancer at a young age. Told that she too could potentially get cancer at some point from the contaminants, she quickly acknowledged that life on earth could be short and she made up her mind to find the beauty in everything she could.  She knew one thing for sure, that love was limitless.  She further went on to study what made some people find the good in others while others consistently saw the bad.  Knowing that life was unpredictable, she decided to consciously enjoy the ride while embracing other’s choices and process.

Julieanne’s study of people has crossed all boundaries including geographic and economic barriers and themes continue to be recurring.  Anyone can relate to the relationship topic.

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Having been in the entertainment industry prior to her book, Julieanne’s acting career landed her roles in syndicated shows including Suddenly Susan with Brooke Shields and Days of Our Lives as well as others and she later became the star of the famous Doritos commercial Pug Attack that aired during Super Bowl 2011.  The commercial was named one of the all-time BEST Super Bowl commercials. Julieanne’s famous one-liner in the commercial is “Babe, Don’t hurt my dog!”

Throughout her career, Julieanne always stayed connected to business but ultimately remained most excited by the human experience and people’s personal relationships.

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Spelling It Out for Your Man has been featured on numerous radio shows and continues to grow in popularity. The book features quotes by great thinkers, other authors and famous comedians and is categorized as NONFICTION – MAINSTREAM – INSPIRATIONAL – PHILOSOPHY – SELF-HELP..

Based on true life experiences, Spelling It Out for Your Career offers a candid and inspiring view of possibility, with insightful justifications as to why you absolutely can NOT die without sharing the gifts you have to give.        Click Here to buy Books 

Julieanne O’Connor is the author of the SPELLING IT OUT book series – which includes Spelling It Out for Your Man, and her new release Spelling It Out for Your Career, Insider Secrets to Living Your Dreams and Passions.

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