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The online portfolio of good writing whether fiction, travel, comment or lifestyles. Hackwriters is a free internet magazine devoted to interesting writing, on any subject. It is completely independent and receives no money from advertising. It has no bias. We do not pay any fees for work published, but aim to offer a forum of quality work by new or unpublished writers, or by established writers wishing to say something different or branch out. 

If you have something to say, we want to hear it. 

HACKWRITERS From 1999-to present day
We are digitally archived by the British Library.

History: Hackwriters began in 1999 in Falmouth University College as part of a Post-Grad programme there and then migrated to the University of Portsmouth for the MA in Creative Writing programme and now floats free of anchors.
Many of our former contributors now work in media, publishing, TV or journalism.

2014 – Our 18th year 
Managing Editors Sam North

Hackwriters is diverse, more’s the point Hackwriters is defined by excellent travel writing, incisive lifestyle pieces, political and social commentary as well as innovative fiction. Every month we have some committed columnists who never miss a deadline, such as the American sports/politics writer James Campion, and James Skinner in Spain, who bring their unique perspectives to their quarters of the globe.

Why do it? After all Hacks is free, no one gets paid. Well, it’s an on-line portfolio ­ a showcase for good writing from beginners to experienced old hands. That’s the beauty of Hackwriters, you never know who might be reading it. Editors really are looking for new writers. Need a writer in India, USA, Australia, Japan, China? We’ve got em.

HawksmoorSFounder Sam North has been a writer his entire life, loving the empowerment and mystery that words can create. He is a seasoned traveler, photographer and loves a good latte.

Sam North who has written under the pen of SAM HAWKSMOOR has adventure books which you can buy here. .amazon.co.uk/Sam-Hawksmoor

Many awards have been awarded to Hackwriters that gives so many a chance to explore and share the observations and adventures.

2011 – John M Edwards won Four NATJA Travel Awards for his work on Hackwriters. Including One Gold Medal

2012: John M. Edwards for a Notable Essay nod in The Best American Essays 2012, for a piece called “Beirut in the Baltics,”

2012: – James Skinner also commended in the Spanish press for his insightful essays on Spain

2012 – 2 x NATJA Awards, “Koh Commotion: Mr. Friendly” and “Viking Voluntourism: Tall Tales of Tallinn.” by John M Edwards

2013 – 2 x NATJA Awards for John Edwards again for contributions to Hackwriters

2009: November: We were archived by the British Library. This little corner of the Web will be stored forever in a dusty cyber storage vat for future generations to wonder at and be astonished at how primitive the web used to be. If you think about it so much of the web has already disappeared… – thanks to the British Library we shall remain.

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More on Sam also known as Sam Hawksmoor and his books.

Sam Hawksmoor until recently was the Course Leader for the MA in Creative Writing at Portsmouth University and a similar program in Falmouth, Cornwall. He is the joint-editor of Hackwriters.com.
Sam is the author of ‘The Repossession’ trilogy with the sequel ‘The Hunting’ published by Hodder Children’s Books. Now finally the third and final part The Heaviness is published in April 2014. *The Repossession was Joint Winner of The Wirral ‘Paperback of the Year’ + Bronze Winner of The Amazing Book Awards (Sussex) and Finalist for the Leeds Books Awards 2013.

The HEAVINESS was completed at the request of fans of Genie and Rian who wrote in asking for more from as far away as Australia and India. ‘You can’t leave them like that. Are they still together? And what about Reverend Schneider? Is he still alive? The bad news is that he most certainly is and he is being fitted with a new hand as we speak. Worse he wants his terrible revenge. Genie needs to watch her back and Rian doesn’t know it but he’s walking into a trap…

THE REPERCUSSIONS of Tomas D poses a question to Tomas (almost aged 15): If you went back in time to 1941, knowing what you know now, what difference could you make to the world? What would be the consequences of your arrival and all that knowledge you have in your head? Who would listen to you? Would anyone take you seriously at all? And if you did change anything. What about your girlfriend, left behind? – Would she still remember you? Or would it all change?

Tomas D the boy who became a National Hero and the Traitor who lost the war.

Sam currently lives in windswept Lincolnshire by the beach but misses Vancouver, the mountains and the coffee bars and his latte, the setting for several of his YA novels now and in the future..

Buy them here .amazon.co.uk/Sam-Hawksmoor