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“The Pursuit of Wholeness” show will feature the authors, professional brands with both written and audio articles and promo Ads on “Self Discovery Radio” by sharing their acquired expertise and in how they can be of inspiration to you the listener.

Come hear, read their knowledge and be inspired, they are here for you to be of services to you.



JUNE IST-27th Intuition Mastery Summit


This wonderful opportunity to live a life of your dreams begins June 1st!

Join us for the FIRST ever, Intuition Mastery Summit where 28 brilliant experts, will speak on listening to your intuition, the voice of your soul, and how it can totally transform your life! I Sara Troy am honoured to be one of them bring my Intuitive D.I.V.A to you.

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 The Sam Hawksmoor Novels

J&KCover1Sam shares his latest novels and the process of being an author.

Sam  what is  J& K 4Ever – all about?

It’s about love in a post-apocalypse.  So many books about our future on this planet are about violence and destruction; I wanted to think about two young lovers who have to exist in this future and their determination to love each other despite all the odds against it.  Jeyna and Kruge are orphans raised in an oppressive city orphanage under the control of the Warden.The City of Bluette is run on extreme fundamentalist lines. Boys are educated, girls are not. We don’t dwell on what happened in the past; just know that a group not unlike ISIS irradiate the world’s oil supply and all of civilization collapsed. 

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Living “In the ZONE” with Bill Macquis.

Qv icon 1280x1280The Q-Factor Mobile App is an app that you will be able to run on any mobile device that will enable you to take a graphical snapshot of how events going inside, on and around you are effecting your productivity!

By understanding where you at and what is zoning you out, you have a better understanding of how to stay in your ZONE.

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SDR icon 600x600newSelf Discovery Radio by Sara Troy

“We are all in the Pursuit of Wholeness so we may live more meaningful purposeful, and abundant lives through uniting in our global love for one another other.”  We bring you the Discovery of Self one show at a time.

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