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1)sumaSuma Nathan was born into a world undergoing one of the most exciting eras of social change in history. Back in her youth; the 60’s and 70’s the young generation were dropping turning on, tuning into living life in peace, harmony, and love. It was the first time of great global social awakening and the formation of activism and the formation of collective movements seeking to peacefully fight for racial, sexual equality and global peace. Most importantly they were demanding for political and corporate changes that would en sure everyone’s rights to live life with purpose meaning and dignity were restored, protected and respected.

They were the hippy “Flower Power” generation, who protested by living a communal lifestyle where your status was measured by the coolness of the paint job and the funkiness of the interior of your VW Vanagon you called home. Racial tension was at an all-time high with daily racial riots breaking out in every major city across the nation, meanwhile, Martin Luther King has spearheaded a movement to find a peaceful way to rectify the issue. Fear and paranoia over the threat of a communist invasion fueled an uncontrollable nuclear arms race that came to a head with the Cuba Crisis” that put the world in jeopardy of an all-out global nuclear of which President Kennedy was able to defuse peacefully without any loss of life.

This was an era of great, scientific, technological and medical breakthroughs that saw mankind put the first man on the moon. man on the moon, and the first successful human heart transplant.  At the same time of all this was happening, small groups of people began to question our established medical practices believing that there had to be a better way set forth of discovery what these alternatives could be. One of those early day pioneers, crusader, and activists that help make all of this possible is our very own  Wise Health show host Suma Nathan. Who back in those days believed there had to be a better way to deal with health issues. Suma calls herself a “Snake Oil Women” and she wears this name with great pride as a symbol to remind us of the world and the journey she has taken in life to become what she is today a fully licensed Holistic Healing-Nutrition and the ancient arts of Chinese Medicine (Herpetology) practitioner. which she came. A world and time when the people believed that these early practitioners were nothing more than carnival sideshow con men selling miracle cures and magic potions.

Suma has now been a Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Chinese Horologist, Holistic Health Practitioner who has spent more than 30 years helping people to live more purposeful, meaningful and productive lives through the professional alternative health care services she offers. As Septuagenaria (70+ years old) she lives a more active life than most twenty one-year-olds. You will find her out exercising, dancing and living life like she has never lived in her life before all because she practices what she preaches…


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You have to look at your colon, kidneys, and liver as your employees, if you are not investing in them and you are treating them badly, they are not able to produce the level of work you require for you to thrive.

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