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I am a firm believer that we get more done in life when we collaborate. I am an advocate for the wonderful work and platforms people are doing to enable mankind in embracing life. In that respect of collaboration, we have formed an Affiliate/Storefront avenue in order to support each other’s work.

As your sales agent, we are bringing you The Discovery Store and invite others with the same philosophy to join us. All the people we have here will have all been interviewed by Self Discovery Media and we believe in their purpose abilities and passion for their work.

We all know what a challenge and how expensive it can be to get your business message out. Self Discovery Media has found a way to bring you a unique platform to help you reach a wider clientele using both mediums, radio/written article on your brand and advertising your business, books, courses, seminars, webinars, plus.




Drive more clients to your business.

Sell your E-books and books.

Sell your online courses, programs and seminars +.

Share your story on your why and how you help people.

Spotlight organizations good works

Self Discovery Media Brings you an opportunity to expand your business/plus and brings awareness to them with a written and podcast audio/video and article and program support.

We do this with….

A audio/video show that we produce sharing your story

An article written by you on the details of your brand/business/book

An outline of your Summit, Webinar, Seminar, Program, Courses, Books ect that we sell driving new customers to you.

A full posting with your article/audio/video, logo, pictures and company details and shows all for easy sharing and with instant listening.

We promote on  Soundcloud, Google Play and Youtube Podbean and social media to Feature your brand and direct them to your own Self Discovery company show page.

This is how it is laid out at the Discovery Store….

Business Membership platform. Here on Self DISCOVERY MEDIA AND IN OUR COMMUNITY ORG

For Events: Symposiums.Seminars. etc Currents Events

For Whole Health:  Mind-Heart-Soul-Body & Spirit

For Self Discovery Programs: Discovery of Self-Programs

For Book Store: Our Discovery Book Store

For Business & Social Media Tips: Our Business Programs 

Self Discovery’s Ebook  Our Self Discovery Collaborative Book

Self Discovery’s Artists:  Self Discovery’s Artists

Self Discovery’s Music: Our Self Discovery Musical Guests

Become a Self Discovery Media Host: Hosting Your Own 

We sell your services, summits, seminars, webinars, books, art, music, programs etc FOR YOU  on commission…no fees up front..

We Advertisement on social media to feature your brand and direct them to your own Self Discovery company show page and your back to your company.


The Discovery Store is open now and building, come join us we wish to celebrate you. The Discovery Store

Sell With Us and show the world your expertise.

For Organizations, Foundations, and Companies, we can customize your own DISCOVERY Package to suit your needs.

Contact Sara Troy with questions regarding radio shows

Contact Sara Troy at info@selfdiscoveryradio.com or fill out the form below


We look forward to Featuring your purpose and passion.