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The Self Discovery Community is motivated to support the services that aim to enhance   Freedom, Independence, Dignity and Equality.

What if, we supported the people and organisations who are making a difference in your community, and communities all around the world?

What if, we celebrated people and their journey because they inspire others to do the same?

We can contribute to global harmony by coming together to make this world a happier and kinder place to live.

We need, to support these organizations and individuals through funding, allowing them to fulfil their purpose, and to enrich the lives of many.

Here at Self Discovery Community, we believe in and champion these organizations by helping to raise the funds they need to thrive.

Self Discovery Community supports the Being Fund-Action project, we invite you to come and be a part of it. 

Self Discovery Media

For 9 years, Sara Troy and her many hosts at Self Discovery Radio/Media have lived within the philosophy of authenticity. With thoughtful guidance from extraordinary people from all across the world, we have come together to share their stories. Within these stories, we find truthful inspiration that helps us to seek solutions to our own unique challenges. Through the art of conversation and storytelling, Self Discovery Radio invites you to participate in taking charge of your own life.

Collaborative Book Series 

Sara saw the difference her guests were making and wanted to extend that wisdom by offering new and different ways to get their voices heard. By starting a collaborative EBook, her radio guests have been able to share their stories and inspiring life journeys beyond Self Discovery Radio listeners. In this next chapter, we are expanding the Book to capture the voice of those making a difference in the lives of others. Each participant will contribute a written chapter along with a radio interview and be part of a video that can be sold to raise funding for our cause. The money raised from sales will then go into a Being Fund-Action Kitty that will provide payment for the services from our experts in our Self Discovery Services Directory.

This platform will extend to capturing the voice of organizations.  The Homeless Org, All About the Children, Mental Challenges, Autism, Health and Wellness, Redirection support and many more.

We will not stop there. We also want to support our own Self Discovery Services Directory that is contributed by the experts we have interviewed. These skilled professionals will also with their own collaborative books and videos, raise even more awareness of their services and be paid for them through our fund-action platform for those in need.

Self Discovery Library  

With so much wisdom, skills and knowledge on Self Discovery Radio, Sara invites you to see our podcast line up which she calls The Orchard of Wisdom Library. The library allows someone to search for interviews and videos, enabling them to match their needs and curiosities to the provided knowledge and expertise from past and current guests and hosts of Self Discovery.

We have stepped it up.

We already have an opportunity for full-time radio hosts with their own show or a part-time mini-series hosting.  Although we are primarily a radio blogging (podcasting) network, we understand the need for a visual YouTube presence. Thus, we have extended out into video broadcasting on our Self Discovery Youtube 

I invite you to join us.

What am I looking for? 

  1. Collaborators who wish to align with us. I.E organizations/Individuals who are serving others.
  2. Builders who wish to help build the next phase. Technical and Media.
  3. Sponsors who wish to support the books and shows because they care.
  4. Financial partners who believe in the process and have the skills to move forward without compromising the message or meaning of the radio philosophy and Self Discovery Community network.

I am always referring to the village mentality. Each one in the village has their own gift which they contribute to the growth of the village. They come together in times of need and in celebration, and their combined strength enhances their community. This is my village and I am inviting you to become a part of something that is both enriching and abundant in knowledge. You can help take it to greater heights.

I would be delighted to connect with you and discuss all the possibilities so that we can support each other while serving our global society.

Self Discovery Radio and Community Network owner

 Sara Troy    


We believe, when you invest in humanity, it grows a strong positive community where helping each other to grow in abundance is what it is all about.



More organizations covering Addiction, Autism, Homelessness, Mental Challenges, Soul Consciousness, Health and more is coming your way. Women, Men, Children, Our planet and Our Animal Kingdom, will all be represented.

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