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Sara Troy


Come join me weekly on my  Sara’s View of Life show where I will share my life’s lessons and perspective.

208874_555258744506995_77813372_nI see a world that lives from the soul to the passion of the heart to the spirit of life and in the trust of our knowingness. A world where women come together in dignity of our liberty in embracement of our abilities, possibilities, our humanity, in unity of our empowerment,  where a woman’s voice sings out in song, bringing harmony to a troubled world. We are in the dimension of heart of awakening and of consciousness, and it will be women with free feeling men who will bring peace to this new world  with their D.I.V.A Knowingness. Together men and women united are unstoppable, as we are the vibration of mother earth, the spirit of the divine and the force of nature’s unity. But even we need tools to help us truly know who we are and in how we can help others so we may embrace our empowered spirited womanhood.

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