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The very core of our existence is based in the spirit of the universe, within us is the meaning of life of our purpose here in earth. When we choose to trust the positive vibrations of the cosmos we begin to understand what they mean.

On these show we will have many spiritual embraces helping us to tune in to our own universe in order  to live our lives in health, inner wealth, and soul abundance, and how  to live in spirit in our daily lives.

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Jackie Mihalchick

JackieJackie is a Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Teacher, Speaker and blogger of A Clairvoyant Journey,  demystifying what it means to live a spiritual life.

Jackie has spent a good portion of her life and energy trying to figure out how to fit in.  As a natural born idealist she has never been happy with the status quo, constantly questioning things since the day she was born.  She has always seen things from a higher perspective yet, did not always understand what or why she saw what she was seeing.  After forty some years of trying to make sense of it all, the veil had started to lift and things started to make sense.

Realizing that there was a bridge to be gapped between what seemed to be two completely different worlds, she started her blog – A Clairvoyant Journey.  Here Jackie shares what it means to her to be an everyday person living a clairvoyant life.   Jackie attributes her inspiration for her ever growing blog to the trials and tribulations that have been presented to her in her attempt to balance her life as a wife, mother and corporate employee.    She is passionate about helping others on their journey to personal empowerment.

Jackie enjoys sharing her personal experiences and views (on the self) and the beauty of learning to look within for understanding and guidance.  She loves helping others see the symbolic gifts we are presented with in our everyday lives.  Having recently stepped out of what she calls the clairvoyant closet it is clear that Jackie understands the struggles of being an everyday person trying to live an intuitive life.

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Jackie is the co-founder of the Psychic Help Network


Facebook:  A Clairvoyant Journey  /aclairvoyantjourney

Facebook: jackie.mihalchick

Website www.aclairvoyantjourney.com

LinkedIn /jackie-mihalchick/

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Jacqueline Van Campen

is now hosting The Writers Divine Den, check it out here the-writers-divine-den/

For her past shows on Spiritual Awakens check below.

jackie-1 cropped (3) Jacqueline Van Campen is the author of Letters to My Daughter: A Mother’s Journey of Healing and Transformation and Wise Heart Archetypes: The 7 levels of Awakening the Wisdom Within (ebook)She is a Wise Heart Intuitive and transformational coach and messenger, spiritual teacher, and founder of Wise Heart Within, which was born from a deep desire to guide, inspire, and empower women to connect to their heart, where the gems of knowing and wisdom have always been present, but not always accessed. She inspires women to know their truth, connect to their hearts, and manifest their highest potential.

Jacqueline is the mother of three beautiful, creative, self-expressed daughters and is married to her sexy, fun, and best friend Adonis.

My website is www.wiseheartwithin.com

My Facebook page is www.facebook.com/wiseheartwithin

My Twitter is www.twitter.com/jackievancampen

Email: jacqueline@wiseheartwithin.com

Past Show Descriptions


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