P14/8b Our Health Beliefs

Aired February 27th/14 on Positive Living Vibrations round table with Sara Troy and her guests Suma Nathan and Susan Turnbull both hosts on PLV RADIO.

imagesbodyWhy do diets not work?

Why to we not heal like we should?

Why is it so hard to change our habits?

Why do we fail so often?

Is it because of our past beliefs that are holding us down and the need to change our mindset to change our health set.? I believe so and today we will discuss what we can do to embrace our health lifestyle and stay on track with living healthy.

Suma Nathan is our Self-Discovery  RADIO health guru on “Wise Health”, with over 50 years in holistic health she is a walking encyclopedia on natural healing. Every week she brings us knowledge on how to keep well get well and live well, her knowledge is amazing, when listening in to her shows have pen and paper ready for her tip bits can change your life.

To read Suma `The Snake Oil Woman` Nathan’s bio Click Here


Susan Turnbull is our “Intuitive Beliefs” host,  shares that Dr. Candace Pert, in “Molecules of Emotion” shares that just one emotion will trigger over 100,000 biochemical reactions in the body. Your body listens to everything you tell it. But, what if you do not know what messages you are telling your body? The messages buried in your subconscious mind that you do not have access too? What do you think that beliefs of unworthiness or not feeling deserving might have to do with how your body holds onto weight? Are you aware that just one negative or self-limiting belief can be enough to affect your body image, your weight or even your health? Without an understanding of the messages running below the surface, you (and your body) limit itself from truly being free to live in an abundance of health and well-being. Without understanding the entire body/mind/spirit connection, your struggle for health and well-being will continue. More on Susan show details Click here


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