WH 16-11 The Art of Good Habits with Nathalie W. Herrman pt2


Wise HealthAiring Mar 15-21, 2016

This week on Wise Health join Suma Nathan and Bill Mackie and their special guest Nathalie W. Herrman. This is part 2 of a 2 part series in which Nathalie will be talking more about her latest book release  “The Art of Good Habits: Health, Love, Presence, and Prosperity ” and her previous book “Daily Enlightenments: 365 Days of Spiritual Reflection“.

Learn the simple things you need to know in order for you to begin making more informed health and lifestyle choices right now. Every episode will provide you with insights that will also help you learn how to listen to your what your body is telling you it needs, so that you can begin living a healthier, happier and more productive life today.

As we say here on Wise Health…

“An ounce of prevention will benefit your heath and happiness more than any medical treatment will ever do for you!”


Part ONE

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About Nathalie W. Herrman

Nathalie W. HerrmanNathalie W. Herrman brings love and enthusiasm to the process of personal evolution. She believes in what’s possible, teaches from the heart, and leads by example. She is the top trainer at Reston Sport & Health in Reston, VA, writes a practical and inspirational daily blog, and has two published books: Daily Enlightenments:365 Days of Spiritual Reflection,
The Art of Good Habits: Health, Love, Presence, and Prosperity.
She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston University and has spent her life accumulating experience in the pursuit of optimal health and wellness in herself and others. Her work is the result of a genuine and enthusiastic love for life, people, words, and nature; her goal is to live with grace and be of service; and her fundamental philosophical premise is that happiness is not a point-of-arrival, but a state of being that is each individual’s responsibility to maintain.

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The art of good habits

Take ownership of your happiness through simple but effective changes to the way you approach health, love, presence, and prosperity. The Art of Good Habits presents a step-by-step action plan to achieve your goals and maintain them for continued success.

Join Nathalie W. Herrman on a life-changing journey toward wellness and satisfaction using this remarkable book as your road map. Gain empowerment and control over life’s challenges with effective exercises and easy-to-understand principles. Discover how to look within yourself for answers and change your habits for the better. With this book’s four-pillar system―honesty, willingness, awareness, and appreciation―you’ll unlock the power of enlightened living.


“A brilliant and comprehensive handbook . . . [with] viable solutions for our health, wealth, and overall physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.”

―Lynne Joy McFarland,
bestselling author of 21st Century Leadership and film producer of The Time is Now

“This book is an incredible value for anyone who wants to make positive habit changes in their lives.”

―Steve Scott,
author of 23 Anti-Procrastination Habits

“A treasure house of practical advice that is straightforward, challenging, and above all, compassionate…  If you are serious about change and need a road map for the process,
then this book is for you.”

―Melissa Grabau
Author of The Yoga of Food


About the Hosts…

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