Denise Povernick

Denise Povernick  EMPOWERMENT LIFE COACH | CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER | CERTIFIED SPORTS NUTRITIONIST | CPR CERTIFIED Denise Povernick is a well-known, highly sought after Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master, Certified Master Trainer and Certified Sports Nutritionist.  Denise holds a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice from Temple University & graduated Magna Cum laude with Distinction in her major.  Denise … Continue reading Denise Povernick

Neo Positivity

When I first saw how the rich and famous were using the phrase "thoughts become things" to get exactly what they wanted out of life, I decided to make this art my main priority. Getting free things and predicting which company was going to send me their product for free next, were good "party tricks" … Continue reading Neo Positivity

15/47 Calling on Millennial and Generation X’s

Saras View of Life with Sara Troy aired from November 24th on. Are you a MILLENNIAL? or a Generation X? do you have a message to impart to your generation? do you wish to speak to what inspires you and share those vibrant beliefs with others? do you want to invite conversation? are you respectful … Continue reading 15/47 Calling on Millennial and Generation X’s