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Pamela Lynch is a certified coach, through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, and is 10387710_894668273913354_3270497560065054847_nhonoured to be a Certified Values Blueprint Partner.

As a Business Growth Coach, she works together with you to get you into alignment with your values, strengths, and energies. Her goal for you is growth and results. And, clarity creates both.

One vital tool in Pamela’s arsenal to coach Hot Entrepreneurs is being a Certified Values Blueprint Partner. Right out of the gate you know your core values. Not your behaviours, your values. And with clarity in your values, you are able to create the results you desire. Did you know that less than 10% of the population can articulate their core values? Most surprising since when you know them you’re able to operate in alignment with your natural and authentic values, and your business success flows. Simply put, your strategies multiply in value when they align with who you are. Understanding your values will help you achieve success in your business, life, and in all of your relationships. You will be able to make better decisions as you are able to ensure every decision is in alignment with your core values.

When you work with Pamela, you also quickly understand that the energy in the words you think, speak, and write impact your results. The result is you learn to attract more of what you do want into your life not what you don’t want.

Pamela’s program under the Fifty, Fabulous, and Fearless banner deals with limiting beliefs and a lack of self-worth. She believes this is the #1 issue holding 50-somethings back from attaining their desired life both personally and in business. Her coaching program helps you to gain self-worth and confidence, to enable you to step into your personal power to receive financial prosperity and abundance.

Pamela Lynch spent 31 years in the Book Publishing industry and managed the company’s Canadian website in the capacity as a Web Producer from 1999-2011.

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