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“The Pursuit of Wholeness” show will feature the authors, professional brands with both written and audio articles and promo Ads on “Self Discovery Radio” by sharing their acquired expertise and in how they can be of inspiration to you the listener.Come hear, read their knowledge and be inspired, they are here for you. 

Take a look at their services, products, books, and more, they are here for you.

Featured Spotlights…

“Definitely Yours” European rucksack bags. Radka Šillerová

12900043_10204586286735765_1386861090_nWe all want a bag that can take us anywhere and that is comfy and holds everything, that perfect practical good looking hand made good quality bag, well Radka Šillerová out of Germany has created that bag for you. Special price for our listeners.

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Your Relationships: Julieanne O’Connor

spelling-it-out-front-cover“Love begins with self-worth, an open heart, and a desire for the journey into self-discovery.” –Julieanne-ism  

The book shows the wisdom is all right here for you with Julieanne.

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12523034_10206756054118199_3353786138428074466_n“Intuition Mastery” Dr Toni L Rivera

Intuition Mastery is dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing workshop environment that allows each participant to enhance and develop their natural intuitive ability.

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inner-peaceReclaim Your Inner Peace Summit

 Welcome to Reclaim Inner Peace with Shivany Gonell where she has interviewed some top global leaders in their field on how to find that Inner Peace. 

To hear all who are on the  SUMMIT GO HERE

SDR icon 600x600newSelf Discovery Media by Sara Troy

“We are all in the Pursuit of Wholeness so we may live more meaningful purposeful, and abundant lives through uniting in our global love for one another other.”  We bring you the Discovery of Self one show at a time.

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J&KCover1 The Sam Hawksmoor Novels

Sam shares his latest novels and the process of being an author.

Come join us June 1st to hear all about his inspirational books and the art of writing, check out his interview here. GO HERE


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