LM22-27. James Campion and “Take a Sad Songs” Inspiration.

fir the LOVE of Music with Sara Troy and her guest James Campion, on air from In The Emotional Currency of “Hey Jude,” James Campion dives deeply into the song’s origins, recording, visual presentation, impact, and eventual influence, while also discovering what makes “Hey Jude” a classic musical expression of personal comfort and societal unity conceived by … Continue reading LM22-27. James Campion and “Take a Sad Songs” Inspiration.

Democracy Matters

Welcome to this February 2022 edition of Hackwriters. 23 years on-line, 7848 + articles - reviews - stories - travel - share any feature you like and pass them on. February 27th 2022Coronavirus UK: 31,933 tested positive - 120 deaths (845 last seven days) - Feb 25th 2022 4.00pmGet Vaccinated! It is still infecting and … Continue reading Democracy Matters

The Jewel in the Ruins • Sam Hawksmoor 

  Saska heard Cat sneeze, then suddenly there was another rock fall and Cat was gone.  She let go and the boulder crashed down on the empty space below, causing yet more rocks to fall and opening the breach in the wall even wider.‘Cat!’ Saska was staring at an empty space leading into an ante-chamber. … Continue reading The Jewel in the Ruins • Sam Hawksmoor 

A Source of Inspiration

It’s probably a bit old hat right now.  Thinking about who or what might inspire you.  I got to thinking about it when I posed the question in class and scored almost zero response. It either wasn’t something the students had perhaps considered or that they were already following so many influencers that it's a … Continue reading A Source of Inspiration

No Heavy Lifting • Sam Hawksmoor

••• The International Writers Magazine: Significant Others I was making notes for my students and asking them to tell me about something significant or life altering that had happened to them and suddenly thought – well I’d better just try this thing myself. After all here I am lying in bed after having a hernia … Continue reading No Heavy Lifting • Sam Hawksmoor