C15/29b Transforming from Loneliness

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Tony Selimi originally aired July 21st THE VALUES to live by Love, trust, peace, freedom, honesty, fairness, respect, empathy, compassion, contribution, excellence, enjoyment, openness, directness, integrity, free will, excellence, sharing, and empowerment. Each one of these words is empowering on their own, but when we accomplishing having … Continue reading C15/29b Transforming from Loneliness

14/51 Ask Sara about The Lonely

 Ask Sara with Sara Troy, It's all about loneliness and interaction.  Aired from December 23rd This Christmas be mindful of the lonely, see them hear them and interact with them in some way, for we have all felt lonely along the way. Share your story for it may inspire others to walk theirs. We do … Continue reading 14/51 Ask Sara about The Lonely