0025 “Ask Sara” series living in purpose.

Premier 07-30-2013. Sara Troy on Living in our Purpose.

I am hosting a Ask Sara series answering your questions on Spirituality, Personality traits, Living in your D.I.V.A, Loving your self to love life and much more. Ask me questions and I will do my very best to bring you answers to serve your needs. You can ask your question here and I will talk about it on the air. ( your identity is fully respect  and no names will be shared ) Fill out your questions here. /ask-sara/

We all have a purpose and we need to generate action to that purpose, but first we need to know what it is. How do we see the signs or in fact understand what they are leading to? How do we know what is for us or just part of life. 314773_261103207329351_1457952676_n

Let us take a look at our paths and what they mean, the intersections, the road signs, and then generate interest in to connecting that purpose into action that serves our global community. I will share my journey and reason in bringing this radio network that serves you. My vision, my purpose my belief and what I Sara Troy stand for a what I believe we can all stand for when we generate our interests into purpose. 

Sara’s View of Life


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