00017 Suicide and Bullying.

 “Love of Self” with Francie Van Wirkus Aired December 23/13


Join Francie and Locker 572 author Loralee Kodzo for an honest talk about suicide and bullying. When our love of self is broken, there are ways to mend it and be whole again.


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2 thoughts on “00017 Suicide and Bullying.

  1. It has been a great help for everyone, especially to students who have been facing bullying most of their lives, eliminating bullying in schools would be a great relief for everyone especially parents who is worrying that their child might be bullied in school. This movement by schools to reduce bullying is the most practical way of eliminating this kind of problem. It makes me happy that many people now are taking a stand against bullying. Another suggestion that I could make is that parents should also take part of preventing bullying in school starting in their home and in the community. Additional protection must be put up for our children safety. Check this site out for information: http://safekidzone.com/

    • We can prevent bullying when we become aware of its roots, thank you for you impute on this subject it is a very important issue.

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