00017 Descriptions

Airing December 23-25-27th Monday-Wednesday- Friday 7 am pst with Tina Nies on Weight of your mind. 

Meditation Monday. Each week, Tina leads a simple meditation to help us set positive intentions for the week. The meditations are intended to help us relax into the energy of a new week. These short meditations will integrate positive affirmations personal to you and your needs!

imauuuuWell-Being Wednesday! How will you stay balanced this holiday season? Tina encourages you to own your choices and make a date with yourself each week. A balanced mind, body, and spirit helps us face each day with more energy and without feeling we have to “get through hump day!”

Forgiveness Friday. Holidays often bring up grudges and memories of things we think other people should fix or ask forgiveness for. How will you change your thought about these things to create a less stressful holiday season for yourself?  By letting some stuff go, forgiving yourself, clearing and freeing your mind, Tina will help you open your eyes to new possibilities. Sometimes we are so focused on one thing, that we can’t see much else, not even the fun of the weekend!

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