P14/2a Kronos Duet a journey into the past.

Originally Aired on January 14th on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Aldous Richards.

Having traveled Europe and the U.S.fallen in love with (and in) Paris and lived in Japan, Aldous now make his home in Ontario, Canada.

167676_479769426749_534851749_6361509_2008949_nI love cats as pets, and all animals as sentient creatures. I think this is why, when asked at around age nine the name of my greatest hero, I answered “St. Francis of Assisi.” Tarzan came a close second: I kid you not. (I also harbour a crush on a hybrid historical/fantasy Joan of Arc, but did not know that at age nine: It has never done me any good.)

I believe resolutely in the sanctity of fundamental human rights, kindness, and Nature in all its life forms. My great grandmother was Native American. That, and my Welsh birth and ancestry, I consider blessings.

341b1cf98c11fb1e55977cf12c4c05946c205debWhile writing Kronos Duet I was literally saved from penury and skid row by a generous writing grant from the Arts Council of Ontario (bless all who work for her!). I now work as a free-lance editor and full time author. I have published fiction, essays, short stories, and literary criticism.

My two Masters Degrees: in English Language and Literature, and in Library Science attest, if nothing else, to my self-discipline – and perhaps to a masochistic streak.

The novel, Kronos Duet, is a novel that explores science-fiction ideas, such as a dystopian future and time travel, and even the existence of God. Equally, it is a story about two characters, a father and daughter who team up in an odyssey through time, for personal reasons. The father, Gareth Pugh, is psychically freakish and eccentric, and wants to reach the beginning of time, and God, in order to fix his personal history. The daughter, Adrianna, stays with him through thick and thin because she needs, above all, to know a sense of home and family – and her family has been fundamentally dysfunctional. These personal desires drive them both through a suspenseful, frightening and dangerous quest, in which they are pursued by murderous government agents given the mission to kill them, or get them stranded in time-space, never to return to their own time.

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shortscover03 (2)My short story anthology includes science-fiction tales, a Victorian murder-melodrama, and some miniature stories of love and life.

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