14/1 Crush it in 2014 with AJ Amyx:

Conscious Business with Pamela Lynch. Aired January 6/14

Crush it in 2014 with AJ Amyx: Discover the Keys to Attracting New Clients, Sharing your Message and Getting Paid

In our Crush It Conversation, AJ reveals why now is the perfect time for people to start a business to earn money doing what they love, and what he would do differently if he had to start from ground zero again.

Week19-AJ-AmyxIn hindsight, we wish we knew what we know now, and with that in mind, AJ shares his advice for Entrepreneurs who are just starting out and wants to use the Internet to share their divine message.

AJ Amyx excels in his business at fulfilling his mission every day when he helps people get paid from their passions to make a difference in the world. He shares with you and  I, the listener, his vision to move us down the path from our personal prison to our paradise where we get too.

AJ’s journey took him from a small boutique advertising agency, into the rock world, and back again into creating his own business. Through it he had learned a TON about packaging, positioning and interpersonal relationships.  Following his own passion AJ now influences entrepreneurs all around the globe on how to CRUSH IT in the market place, by creating programs that can serve thousands of people. You also understand how to implement automated marketing and sales systems to receive get paid.


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