Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy with her guest Steve Shenk. Aired January 21/14 

64315_506037012767152_995834023_nSteve Shenk was born in 1941 and grew up on a farm outside of Anoka, Minnesota. He pretty much goofed off through high school, however, managed to earn several awards as a bass-baritone soloist and was voted “most talented” in his high school graduating class. He went on to goof off for the first two years of his attendance at the University of Minnesota, evaluating 7 different declared majors before deciding he didn’t know what to do with his life. Steve then took a year off of school to get married and flounder around a little bit more, then decided to get serious about school, becoming highly incensed and motivated when, after declaring to his mother that he intended to get straight A’s for the rest of his schooling, to which she responded, saying, “It would be nice if you would get a B once in a while.” Having been thus insulted by his own matriarch, Steve did in fact go, as he puts it, “German,” (which means: “More is better, and if you can’t get it to work, get a bigger hammer”) getting straight A’s, graduating at the top of his class. He went on to complete an MBA, again at the top of his class. After having worked in several “corporate” positions, Steve went into sales work and proceeded to starve for a while until he figured out “how things worked” and eventually set some sales records that have not been broken (at least at this writing). In 1981, he got involved in the preparedness industry, and for 30+ years, has been a successful entrepreneurial innovator in marketing, packaging, and self-reliance in the storable food industry. His insights and understanding of the world and national food, agricultural, and economic issues has been the subject of talk show, interviews, and articles. There’s a quotation framed in Steve’s office from one of the many periods of starvation in his sales career, which states: “Necessity is the mother of invention. But terror is the father of true inspiration.” The lessons that Steve was forced to learn culminated in the principles described in the book, Guardian-Code-Cover-1 (3)THE GUARDIAN CODE: It’s Not Your Fault [And I Can Prove It]. The book is a life experience he felt impelled to share when he realized that, like every great truth, this Code contains secrets used in every achievement by everyone who has ever made a difference in the history of the world.

A frequent guest on talk shows, webinars, and speaking engagements, Steve feels that each of us instinctively longs to know how to take control of his or her life, not only to survive, but also to prosper, enjoy fulfilling relationships, and achieve all of our dreams in the process.


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