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Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guests Jenny Garrett and Pamela Lynch both host on PLV RADIO Network.Aired February 13th/14 on


There is a new face to business, especially with women. We have more women entrepreneurs and business leaders than ever before and women can still maintain their womanhood and motherhood while being a leader. We know the old ways do not work and many are leaving the corporate ship, leaving what could be considered security but today who knows, with the climate changing so fast I think the security we all seek lies within us and our choices to be true to our calling.

Today I am talking with 2 of my hosts Jenny Garrett from Rocking your role from the UK  who is a sought-after executive coach, author of Rocking You Role, the how-to guide to success for female breadwinners, speaker, and Founder of Reflexion Associates leadership consultancy.  and Pamela Lynch from Conscious Business from Kalona BC is a certified coach, through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, and is honoured to be a Certified Values Blueprint Partner. As a Business Growth Coach and promoter of  Fifty, Fabulous, and Fearless she works together with you to get you into alignment with your values, strengths, and energies.

Both ladies run their own business.

Where did they start? Why did they talk this route and what are the changes that they see in today’s business environment? What kind of people are following their own path and leaving the big corporations behind?

Not only have they taken this path, but they weekly do interviews with people who also have redirected their lives and we are going to discover what is the common denominator to this massively growing trend amongst mostly women.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 09 59 24 (4)Jenny Garrett is an executive coach, author and PLV Radio Host who has been running her business since 2006. She is a believer in harnessing the feminine for a positive change. Women in business benefit from her practical and connected approach. Hear her chat with Pamela and Sara about finding purpose, stillness, and alignment in this wonderful rroundtableinterview. The energy will reach out and touch you!

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PamelaLynch (4)Pamela Lynch, Business Growth Coach, offers insights to help you transition from a self-imposed prison to a self-created paradise. Whether you feel stuck in these turbulent times or are quietly being urged to awaken, she believes the first task is to understand your values. When you understand your core values (and less 10% of people can articulate them), you can use them to guide your decisions and give you clarity for your next steps.

As Pamela reveals, we have shifted from an old paradigm, where money was the social organizing principle, into a new collaborative one where relationships based on values will cultivate abundance.  Her high, positive vibration helps to guide you along your path. She will lift you up to see beyond the muck in which you are stuck, aka your self-imposed prison, to behold the possibilities you can create in your paradise. These are your visions, your values, and your joy.


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