P14/7a Knight’s Transformational 9 Steps

Originally Aired February 18th 2014 on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Allan Knight.

Knight336-226x300Allan Knight is truly a unique coach, speaker and trainer. When he was 13 years old his mother was diagnosed with cancer and was given 6 months to live. She, in fact, lived for over 15 years and was Allan’s first role model of the power of the human spirit. At the age of 21 Allan traveled the world and came very close to death by suffering a severe heat stroke. From that point on Allan saw how precious and tenuous life could be and decided to completely dedicate himself to helping others.

For over 25 years, Allan Knight helped others transform their lives, both professionally and personally. He had the vision years ago to see that one of the future trends in the world would include masses of people getting into their own businesses. Understanding the need for redirections and to accept changes in life in order to grow, Allan helps people find a strength within themselves and the adaptability to make their business a thriving success.

Well, you may have read the books and attended the seminars, but still, find that something is still holding you back from achieving what you want out of life. You are fed up being a procrastinator or with your lack of confidence, focus, or assertiveness. Being ‘Fed Up’ is actually the first step toward true growth and development. You might be ready to take all that knowledge you have accumulated over the years and finally put it into practice within the inner and verbal fitness gymnasium. Allan Knight’s program is like no other in that the goal is not to learn more theory, or get pumped up, but rather to achieve self-mastery and verbal mastery through his unique 9 step system for success. By doing so you become your own coach and much less dependent on books, trainers, and coaches including Allan Knight.

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