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Some of the finest financial writers and forecasters have made this book possible.

John and Monica Miller moved to New Zealand but wanted to protect their money in the US, this is their how and in how you can protect your retirement future too. 

There is no need for you to travel to Australia or NZ to open a savings, or investment account, as we did. This can all be done for you easily and safely using the Internet.

Cover THE COMING U S  BAIL IN 3DThis book is an investigative report on “U.S. Bank “Bail Ins”, and how it will affect us all. The last chapter will give alternatives on how to get around this new financial dilemma and specifics on what to do. As a solution to the problem, we recommend that you keep just the minimum amount in your bank checking account to pay bills; the rest in gold and silver coins, safely stored in your home, and in Switzerland.

As with all our books, we stress that we don’t trust banks or stock brokerage firms, but we do trust “Custodian firms”. A custodian firm in NZ, for instance, is well capitalized (usually about 8 billion, all assets), has no liabilities by law, and buys and stores your CD’s, and investments. A licensed investment adviser is assigned to your account.


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John Miller is a Graduate of Georgetown University with a Master’s Degree In Public Administration. John served as an artillery army spotter-pilot during the Viet Nam Era (serving in both Korea & the U.S). After military service, he began his career on Wall Street, working for many of Wall Street’s top firms (Dean Witter, Interstate Securities  & Lehman Brothers). After twenty years in the securities business, he started his own investment firm, Miller & Associates. The firm began operations in Florida and subsequently relocated to Maui, Hawaii. John presently manages Miller & Associates, in Maui, Hawaii, and NZ Trans Global Investments, in Auckland, NZ.

John writes a free financial newsletter covering all topics mentioned in the five books (banking holiday, Bail In, Hyperinflation, Alternative Media and for the Club Blog each week, and does his best to answer questions from the membership. He resides, with his wife Monica in Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Monica Miller’s, career involved work as an International sale, marketing, and product development professional, for the Spa & beauty industry. Besides the US, she travelled frequently throughout Asia and Europe 

Monica was instrumental in forming, and moderating the Maui Investment club. She & John hosted the popular “Maui” radio talk show: The Investment Club. The show’s format was similar to the popular “Doland’s” radio show. It used old Time Radio Skits to teach the fundamentals of investing.


They can download our first book (free), The Coming Banking Holiday, When they do, we will then send them The Coming U.S. Banking “Bail In”.

E-Mail contact: wallst101@hotmail.com

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Land Line: 727- 564 9416 (U.S. #), or skype: johnmiller1

For those readers, or radio listeners needing some guidance in getting your savings and investments out of harm’s way, please e-mail us at wallst101@hotmail.com. Monica and I will do our best in answering all your questions, and concerns 


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