14/11 Free Your Mind with Tina Nies

Airing March 17th 19th 21st at 7 am on Free Your Mind with Tina Nies.

Monday Meditations: Create your own mantra meditation to use anytime, anywhere! With a focus on your breath and positive affirmation mantras, you can easily begin a meditation practice to help free your mind.

Free Your Mind Wednesday: Part 4 (of 7) Free Your Mind with 7 Steps to make confident choices now!

Ryan-Head-Head-BYOPFree Your Mind Friday: Free Your Mind with the awesome Ryan Lock joining me again to talk about success! Ryan is a business success coach, writer, and lifestyle entrepreneur. He launched his business, “Be Your Own Publicist” to help small business owners raise their profile and overcome limiting beliefs so they can be more successful doing what they love.

Connect with Ryan at www.RyanJamesLock.com