P14/14a The Right Kind of Voice

Originally Aired April 8th on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest John Zadikian

Social Media, if you’re listening to this show then you have used either Facebook Twitter Google or more at some point. John understands the importance of reaching your clientele and making it something personal to the client and to the consumer.The right kind of voice invites people to truly listen and set the stage for people to feel invited. 

microphone JZJohn Zadikian Multimedia Communications 

It all started with a 5,000-watt radio station in Fresno, California.  Oh, wait…that was TV’s Ted Baxter, not me!  Actually, I caught the bug when I was in kindergarten, thanks to a teacher who encouraged creativity.  She once tapped me to portray a radio announcer and I was hooked.  After that, I was involved with the school newspaper and later got into video production, public speaking, and theatrical classes.

John Zadikian is an articulate, results-oriented communications professional with more than 25 years of experience.  His background includes radio broadcasting, television production and newspaper reporting.

The Detroit-area native offers a complete line of customized brand messaging services for your home or business, including smooth, professional phone greetings and menu prompts; persuasive on-line messaging to increase website traffic and for e-mail blasts; compelling video narrations and office presentations; convincing radio commercials and industrial spots; and crisp content for social media channels.

John’s clients include Brandt & Sons Marketing Group, Hy-Safe Technology, Motif Jewellers, and Scotty O’Hotty hot sauces.  He has built an indelible trust with them, providing them with a maximum-quality product without the maximum price – and he can do the same for you.

John Zadikian knows the importance that a voice lends to his clients’ overall marketing plan – and how their competitors wish they had called him first.

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On-air, on hold, on-line, commercials, narrations, copy-writing, social media, and public relations.  No matter what your need, don’t pick just any voice…make a sound choice.  John Zadikian Multimedia Communications.





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