14/12 Freeing Your Mind with Tina

Airing March 24th and 26th and 28th all new shows at 7 am on Free Your Mind with Tina Nies.

Monday Meditations: Create your own mantra meditation to use anytime, anywhere! With a focus on your breath and positive affirmation mantras, you can easily begin a meditation practice to help free your mind.

Free Your Mind Wednesday: Part 5 (of 7) Free Your Mind with 7 Steps to make confident choices now!

547547_10201291834873132_633969301_nFree Your Mind Friday: Free Your Mind with the inspiring Brian Cohen to talk about unstoppable confidence! Brian has been living with unstoppable confidence by taking new challenges at every opportunity. Where does his confidence for doing this come from… many times from painful learning moments.

Connect with Brian at www.BrianSOS.com

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