14/26 Take a Leap of Faith

Aired the week of July 1st July 7th on Rocking your Role with Jenny Garrett and her guest Shamila Mhearban.

ShamilaShamila Mhearban is a dynamic and vivacious woman, who I just had to interview. I knew she’d be a fountain of highly applicable knowledge for Women in Business, and I was right.

Shamila is Director at Gingko People, responsible for sourcing new clients and managing existing client relationships to provide the highest level of HR Services.

She works with organisations on key niche projects as well as providing a monthly retained service.

Gingko People’s approach to any new project is client led but the focus is to work with organisations to ensure their staff are engaged, empowered and ultimately more productive in their role.

Shamila is a lot of fun, from our interview you’ll gain insights into:

  • Learning to talk value not the price
  • Taking leaps of faith
  • Unlocking the value of your staff through really engaging them, whatever the size of your company.

You can find out more about Shamila and her work at www.gingkopeople.com

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