14/35 Get on the Grid

Airing September 2nd-8th on The Writers Divine Den with Jackie VanCampen and her guest Chessie Roberts

What does it mean to be on the grid and how can being on the grid help you on your writing path? Join my guest Chessie Roberts and me on this fun exploration of the grid. Truly beyond the rabbit hole!

10654060_10152686654499446_1499540422_nChessie Roberts is a Singer/song Writer, Spiritual Teacher, Mind-set Mentor, Meditation Coach, Author, Minister, Radio Host, Lecturer and the Founder/Creator of Evolution of Self: Journey into Body, Mind, Spirit Balance. Her experience with severe, crippling arthritis was her catalyst to share her healing, experiential, self-improvement program with those who wish to rediscover their balance of Body, Mind, Spirit.

Chessie is the host of the Get on the Grid with Chessie Roberts Radio show on the Intention Radio Network and has created the Get on the Grid Program to assist in raising vibrations and creating a state of wellness for all who choose to do so.


You can find Chessie’s programs and products at www.ChessieRoberts.com, her Radio Program at www.IntentionRadio.com/thegrid her music at www.ArchersMeadow.com and her latest book at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FX9XGY0

More on Jackie and her shows http://plv-radio.com/the-writers-divine-den/

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