14/36 “Your Buck Starts Here”

Airing December 30th-January 5th on Own Your Money with to “Jeffrey A. Forrest”. 

imagesSTOPLLLLLAll of us have heard the phrase: “The Buck Stops Here!”The saying “the buck stops here” derives from the slang expression “pass the buck” which means passing the responsibility on to someone else. Where in YOUR LIFE are you “passing your financial responsibility”off on someone else, or blaming someone else, or not taking FULL 100% responsibility?

The majority of folks in life DO NOT wind up financially free.  Why?  One of the key areas that most people fail to take responsibility in is in the arena of their spending. OUCH, did that hurt you to read that last sentence. GOOD, then the next show is designed especially for you!!

In terms of creating financial freedom, you must first get a firm grip on exactly WHERE all of your money is going. Most folks simply “guestimate, estimate or approximate”where they THINK they are spending money.  Your BUCKS START in your checking account and then magically, systematically and consistently all of your bucks disappear!  How does that happen?

Tune in next Tuesday for more real life stories, designed in such a way to motivate you cause you to SALIVATE at the thought of finding out where your BUCKS are going.  We’ll share tools, techniques and hands on strategies that will allow you to reign in your BUCKS so that you’ll be able to deploy them for YOUR USE versus the use by others.


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