P14/38b Echoes in the Universe

Aired September 23rd-29th on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Leonard Goodwin 

 Echoes In The Universe: A Spiritual Memoir

echoes-in-the-universe-by-leonard-goodwin_book-cover_smThis book illuminates the overlapping nature of the physical and spiritual realms by tracing the author’s life path as child, husband, father, social researcher, professor, and spiritual seeker.  The purpose is to inspire others to recognize and follow their unique paths through these intersecting worlds so as to reach a higher level of spiritual development.

LEONARD tells his story in the form of narrative verse that provides the imagery and feeling for his travels through time:

  • Growing up in Brooklyn during the dark days of the Great Depression and experiencing hospital traumas and anti-Semitism while appreciating the wonders of the New York Public Library,  a sandwich at the Automat, travel to upstate New York in the family’s 1936 Dodge, the New York Worlds Fair of 1939;
  • Experiencing an early lesson in the struggle for civil rights as a student at the University of Texas in Austin; carrying out social research in Washington, DC, while sharing the dreams and disillusionment of the Kennedy/Johnson years discovering later still, that “success” as researcher and professor is no guarantee of family stability or good health

2meHis spiritual awakening is triggered by an event in the midst of his professional career that tells him he has taken on more than he can handle:

  • Teaching and heading a Department of Social Science;
  • Conducting a major research project on the social psychology of the poor;
  • Raising two children and a dog on his own.

He undertakes Buddhist meditation and Taoist practices where he becomes aware of the interconnection among all beings, and through other teachers and experiences learns about the human energy system and its connection with the spiritual realm.  In particul, r he learns of his own purpose which includes transducing energy from the Sound Angel realm to the Earth in order to support the energy grids of the Earth.  He experiences an illumination about the Book of Job during the presentation of an academic colleague who survived the Auschwitz death camp during World War II.

Later in life he experiences a near death heart attack in which he is given a spiritual message about Jesus and the choice of returning to his spiritual home or staying longer on the earth plane.  After deciding to stay, and being supported in recovery by his second wife, he becomes aware of how Dark forces have orchestrated challenges in his life—including childhood traumas—even as Light forces opened opportunities for professional and spiritual advancement.

The book ends with the author helping to open an important energy portal under the Vatican in Rome and using his experiences to facilitate communal living in the active adult community in which he and his wife now reside.


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Leonard Goodwin is a retired professor and social psychologist who resides with his wife in a Del Webb over 55 active adult community outside of Nashville, TN.  Previously he was on the faculty of Earlham College, the staff of the Fulbright Exchange Program and Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C.  He also served as professor and head of the Department of Social Science and Policy Studies at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  He has published numerous professional articles and the following professional books: Do The Poor Want To Work?: A Social Psychological Study Of Work Orientations;  Can Social Science Help Resolve National Problems?;  Causes and Cures of Welfare: New Evidence on the Social Psychology of the Poor.   His poetry has appeared in a number of publications.



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