14/45 DEAN LIPRINI – Sacred Sites in South Africa

AIRING NOVEMBER 11TH-17TH on Inspiring South Africans with Heather de Wit and her guest Dean Liprini

14.45 ISA DEAN LIPRINI CollageDean Liprini is a Geomancer, Author and a Researcher of Sacred Sites, with a special interest in archaeo-astronomy and is the CEO of the Sacred Site Foundation of South Africa/SSFSA.

The SSFSA – a Not for Profit Organization – was set up by Dean Liprini in Cape Town in March 2012, to achieve self-sustaining funding, to protect ancient & prehistoric Sacred Sites around Table Mountain, the Western Cape & Southern Africa.

It is dedicated to preventing the desecration of and to the preserving of the sacred sites in Southern Africa. SSFSA do this by organizing Soul Tours, lectures & co-creating jobs with their Community Custodian and Guides initiatives around these ancient Sacred Sites and, in so doing, are honoring and uplifting the spirit of Southern Africa and its people.


2015 Soul Tour :

Sacred Sites Foundation SA Website :

Foundation: sacredsites.co.za/,

Soul Tours : http://soultours.co.za/,

Facebook : /dean.liprini?

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