14/46 NATALIE BECKER – Radio, TV, Movies and Spiritual things

Airing November 18 to 24 on ‘Inspiring South Africans’ – Heather de Wit and her Guest NATALIE BECKER

14.46 ISA NATALIEBECKERcollage02NATALIE BECKER is an extraordinary human being, blessed with many gifts. She’s a Radio and TV presenter + Producer, a TV and Film Actress, Director, Speaker, Writer, Voice Artist, MC and Model.

She has starred in international movies with the likes of John Malkovich and Meg Ryan.

NATALIE was voted South Africa’s sexiest women some years ago !

She has travelled into Africa to host ‘It’s Africa’s Time’, a CNBC Africa television show, focused around the United Nations Development Program and the UN Millennium Development Goals

NATALIE is also involved with social development and life skills projects and is an ambassador for the organization MOT – ‘Courage’ in Norwegian – and recently ran a 10km fundraising Marathon in Norway.

She was invited to attend Andrea Kerzner’s ‘Lalela Project’ Fundraiser in New York, while living there and in 2011 completed the New York Marathon, raising funds for Elana Meyer’s JAG Foundation

A child of the Universe, master of her Destiny and Captain of her soul, NATALIE scoffs at convention, but believes in synchronicity and enjoys sailing, Salsa dancing, scuba-diving and singing karaoke off-key. She regularly attempts tango and cooking with reckless abandon. Her most treasured possessions are her original creative genius, inner beauty, mystery, sparkling wit and her humility.


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Co- Founder and Storyteller at www.thoughtleader.global and www.intro.africa


Twitter : NatalieBeckerSA,

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