14/47 Taking Action

Aired November 25th-December 1st on Living Unapologetically with Tiffany Phillips and her guest Sydney Benner.

sydney2Sydney Benner is in the business of making people feel happy from the inside out, all through the power of fitness and her infectious positive attitude.

Tiffany Phillips sits down in the comfort of Sydney’s apartment for an uplifting and inspirational talk about how taking action in her life has manifested countless achievements. Sydney is the founder of BennerFit.com, a health and fitness blog featuring inspirational workouts along with healthy recipes, personal stories, and fitness fashion tips.

sydneyBennerFit is in a partnership with Lionsgate BeFit YouTube channel and her original series titled, Yoga Dance Fusion released in May 2014, since she has launched her own program titled, Flight!  It is a fusion of high impact yoga, cardio dance, and sculpting all done in a dance club with light and a live DJ to original electronic dance music!



Check out www.WEAREFLIGHT.com for the next event here in the Los Angeles area!

An original lifestyle show that Sydney and business partner, Brooke Cameron wrote is currently on uLive.com/BennerFit, which shares fun workout tips, eats, and fashion.



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