15/19 Journey into Joy with Pamela Lynch

Conscious Business Conversations
 with Pamela Lynch airing May 12th-18th
Life heads in the right direction the moment we trust in ourselves and in Life, and we let go. In today’s show I talk about how through letting go, I discovered my passions and purpose.  It took many teachers to learn many lessons, and much inner work to get to this new transformation. It is still unfolding although I feel like I’m at the breakthrough. The unfolding takes a life time because when our work, our play is done, our life is complete. At least that’s how it seems at this point.  Today, I share the four pillars to make up the most important lessons I had to learn to create a life that is fun and free, and I trust financially well. And, my gift to you is a meditation and a process for you to help on your journey.

Pamela Lynch is a Business Growth Coach who has recently become an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. She helps women feel fabulous and beautiful while they have fun with their girlfriends discovering artisan-made sterling silver and mixed metals jewelry.  As a certified Law of Attraction Coach, she coaches women who are interested in the Silpada business. Pamela is passionate about raising the vibration of humanity, and it begins every day through meditation, being positive, and doing the inner work necessary to continually breakthrough set points. She teaches her team the value of doing their inner work to succeed, and coaches them to be wildly profitable in their business.


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Pamela’s self published eBook, Journey into Joy is available on Amazon.