15/21 Passion Igniter

Conscious Business Conversations with Pamela Lynch and her guest Trisha Miltimore airing May 26th-June 2nd. 

Trisha lives by: “There is a time and a place for EVERYTHING.”  

Trisha_slideshow_1Tune in to the contagious personality of Trisha Miltimore an International Speaker, Broadcaster and PASSION IGNITER, as she shares what Contagious Leadership Training and Conscious Business means to her and some tips for your Soul Centred Success. I was intrigued by Trisha insight into what it means to create balance in our lives.


Trisha Miltimore is an International Speaker, Broadcaster and PASSION IGNITER inspiring women to reach SOUL CENTRED SUCCESS. As a momma of three and business leader, Trish knows first hand the hardships and privileges of PURSUING YOUR PASSION including what it takes to ignite and maintain an attitude of success. A curator of WOMENLY WISDOM Trisha teaches proven strategies to reach your goals and FLOURISH at the same time. Her down-to-earth style is refreshing. Her messages are clear, practical and transformational. A profound storyteller, Trisha empowers thousands of women to MANIFEST MOMENTUM via a BEAUTIFUL BOLD BLEND of inspiration & personal insights. Visit her digital home for all kinds of soul centred success and fun:

EMAIL ADDRESS: trisha@passionigniter.ca 

COMPANY NAME: Contagious Leadership Training

WEBSITE: www.passionigniter.ca


Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrishaMiltimore

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trisha-Miltimore-Passion-Igniter/196572650366890

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/trishamiltimore

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