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The Wellness Woman of today is a woman who invests in her own health and wellbeing and that of her loved ones. The Wellness Woman 40 & Beyond Magazine offers inspirational advice on how to take care of ourselves and our families in today’s busy world.

You will read all about how to manage your weight, eat to live and not live to eat, body fit techniques, mind and spirit wellness and to live in harmony with love of self.

With articles from those who have walked lifes path and now share their stories with you the reader so as to inspire you on your own lifes journey. You will be inspired by the accomplishments of those who have gone before you and those who live in authenticity of their true selves.

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Our 6 Seasonal Magazine Issues Topics in 2016 


Loving The Total You – Mind, Body and Spirit

Articles on self-love, self-care, alternative wellness practices, ways to approach total wellness in mind body and life. 


Detoxify Your Life – Mind, Body and Spirit

Articles on all forms of detoxification for your life, mind, body, soul and spirit to help approach total wellness in your life.


Fabulous and Fit – Mind, Body, and Spirit

Articles on all forms of fitness for over 40 and beyond with an emphasis on living a fit and holistic lifestyle.


Fall Into Wellness – Mind, Body, and Spirit

Articles on the change of the seasons and how to stay well with an emphasis on stress reduction, boosting the immune system, staying fit indoors. 


 Embracing and Loving Life – Mind, Body, and Spirit

Articles on preparing for the holidays with an emphasis on a holistic lifestyle, wellness, DIY gift ideas, healthy holiday foods, relationships


New Year, New You – Mind, Body, and Spirit

Articles on gratitude, peace, love , goal setting & prioritizing, stress reduction, weight loss, wellness checks, your business and community growth. 

What are people saying about Wellness Woman Magazine…

Thank You so much for your amazing magazine Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond- Different Backgrounds, Same. I am really enjoying it……what a blessing. Planning to read the others too.
-Evelyn Johnson Solomon

Beautiful magazine, well done
–Brenda Krueger Huffma, Editor and Publisher of  Womens Voices

Great job….! So many great articles and contributors – thanks for sharing
-Carol Doyle, Editor and Publisher  www.livingbetter50.com

What an awesome publication ! Long overdue! I’m delighted to share with others this life giving life changing gift to women.
-Dr. Deanna Murphy

This is a MUST READ magazine for women. Lynnis Woods-Mullins through your vision many women will be inspired to make physical, mental and spiritual wellness a priority! Great job!
-Monique Stoner

Just want to thank you again for the issue of Wellness Woman. I am enjoying it to the hilt. Wellness is my passion.
-Cara Norine

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