LM 17-36  JP Guhns Music from a Veterans Heart

“for the LOVE of  Music” with Sara Troy and her guest  JP Guhns, on air September 5th

“…a refreshing sound in a new generation…a songwriter who brings everyday life to the forefront, in outstanding fashion…”- American Veterans Radio. June 25,2017

JP Guhns is Jake Bublitz. Singer/Songwriter, Occasional Traveller and Life Documenter. The 29 year old Marine can be found these days chasing down dreams and running from a ghost. The chosen pen name is meant to capture the personalities and time periods of the man’s life. From rebellious teenagers in the woods of Wisconsin to the call sign crackling over a radio on patrol in the valleys of Afghanistan. The music is a journey. Written by himself and with a vision in his head, JP Guhnz intends to touch you and impact your thoughts just as the music of his mother (Paul Simon), Father(Bruce Springsteen), Brothers (TRU and 3rdEyeBlind), and Sisters (Patty Griffin) did to him. Music provides the pages to the novel that is our life, the pen name provides your ink.

 JP Guhns  is redefining music by writing accurate and melodic stories of life. The United States Marine veteran, since going public in April 2017, has independently started a buzz that has seen his three song demo, on Reverb Nation, be downloaded by hundreds, his videos viewed over 30 thousand times, and recently signing a recording partnership with Kiefer Studios,  to release his debut project , “Redemption Through a Bottle”, in the Spring of 2018.

      JP has pushed his music from writing in Beaufort, South Carolina, to radio stations in Wisconsin and Indiana, and recently was played on 96.9 Nash FM in promotion for the 2017 NASH Next competition.  His personal, emotional, and truthful melodies, matched by his energetic and passionate performances, have allowed him to spread his music in the south, playing at the 4th of July Levee Bash present by 40 Arment Brewery in New Orleans, and recently returning from Nashville, where he secured a guest spot in a local television show, The Chico and B-Man Show, and a coveted spot in the single song songwriters around at the Commodore Grill and Lounge.

       Outlaw in nature, the Springsteen-esque approach to rock and country, allows no definition or cages to be placed on the music that brings forth the real life trials and triumphs of the working man, in an authentic form of audio documentation.

       A self-proclaimed common man, JP is far from the current normality of copy and paste replicas that rule the day.  Capable of writing and performing a relevant and true sound, the opportunity to record at the multi-platinum Ocean Way Nashville Studio found JP not on the familiar ground in the Music Capital with the sounds that control the music he was raised on as a Midwest kid. “…the place has unbelievable talent, but the authenticity of the music was far and few. It didn’t seem personal, it didn’t seem like original people making original music.”

       It may seem like David yelling at Goliath, but JP has come back with an earned stripe of experience and a hunger that will not be fulfilled until he’s had the opportunity to be heard…besides David won.


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All the songs that you have here are the first cuts from the album that we are currently working on.  They are basic guitar, vocal , bass and drum songs and we look forward to getting feedback towards the project.  We will be sending yout he finished project some time next spring.
Good Friends and Whiskey – Written by Jake Bublitz, Performed by Jake Bublitz and Glen Kiefer, Produced by Glen Kiefer and Andrew Slater
“This song is a textbook life song.  The opening verse talks about a sudden end to a relationship, The second verse can either be stated as a man leave the correctional system and starting over or a man in the shallow waters of our current economical system in America. The third verse is the deep and intimate story of loss in combat.  Having experienced all three of these worlds and knowing the pain and direct consequence the bridge of all the verses to chorus is the medication we need sometimes.”
Mississippi’s Rollin- Written by Jake Bublitz, Performed by Jake Bublitz and Glen Kiefer, Produced by Glen Kiefer and Andrew Slater
“This song is a documentation of one of the reoccurring themes and stories in life.  We tend to love with such abandon and burn at such high temperatures.  This song was written for one of my closest friends as he woke up one morning to find his woman of 5 years done with him.  I wrote it with that in mind and from his place.”
Can’t Handle That Talk-Written by Jake Bublitz, Performed by Jake Bublitz and Glen Kiefer, Produced by Glen Kiefer and Andrew Slater
“This song is so close to me it’s ridiculous.  I’ve been on active duty for 11 years. In and out of combat zones and special duties.  You tend to at times lose touch with the civilian world and when you reenter to find such down and outs and drastic changes you can’t help but feel blessed and concerned.  God has allowed and blessed me to find a good job and to keep me away from the financial downfalls and struggles that I find when I return to Wisconsin or talk to buddies that have moved on from military service.  The song itself is self explanatory. “
Spirit of a Bottle- Written by Jake Bublitz, Performed by Jake Bublitz and Glen Kiefer, Produced by Glen Kiefer and Andrew Slater
“The underlining theme of the album is a sinner looking for redemption. The song lyrically defines the point of the most of the songs.  It is a conversation with God from a man who doesn’t want help or a two way conversation.”





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