Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest The Pink Lady  Jackie Goldberg, on air from September 5th


The Pink Lady, dynamic Jackie Goldberg, now 85, became a widow 15 years ago.  Her children were no longer at home, her 9 to 5 job was over and she felt it was time to begin a new chapter in her life. She created a series of seminars called, “Get Up, Get Out, & Get a Life!” to encourage baby boomers, seniors and veterans to follow new paths and open new doors to enhance their lives. At the same time, Pink Lady began appearing in stage plays and commercials. She is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and Actors’ Equity; in fact, she appeared in a Super Bowl Commercial for Loctite.

Prior to reinventing herself, Pink Lady worked in the fashion industry; dressing in pink became her trademark. Her philosophy of life is to “Think Pink!” to see the love and inner beauty in everything and everyone around her, and to feel the energy and aura that a colour can give us by letting people see life through rose-colored glasses.

Pink Lady of Hollywood is a force of nature.  She’s a producer, an actress, member of Actor’s Equity and SAG-AFTRA, author and community builder, trailblazer, founder, and motivational speaker.  And it’s true what people say – being around her is like getting a shot of vitamin C!  She has an amazing ability to lift and energize all those around her.

Pink Lady is deeply motivated by her belief that, “Theatre is central to what older adults need in terms of connection, motivation, and enthusiastic participation.”  With this conviction, she founded, Senior Star Power Productions, whose mission is to engage, inspire and enrich the lives of seniors and veterans through the performing arts.   They offer workshops, mentoring programs, performance opportunities and master classes to inspire, educate, and embrace all seniors and veterans so they can further develop as vital, productive, and creative people.

Despite the reality that everyone ages, society and the media influence and reinforce negative attitudes resulting in unfair prejudices against ageing and older adults. Within the entertainment industry, the roles for older actors get diminished and typecast.  They are portrayed as fragile, dependent, helpless, unproductive and demanding rather than deserving of our respect and admiration.  Jokes poke fun at ageing, memory loss and physical impairments.  Not fair and often untrue!

One of the greatest gifts Pink Lady gives the world is how she challenges stigmas about ageing that seniors face on a regular basis.  She has become a powerful voice of today’s 60+ community, that challenges skeptics and proves that it’s “absolutely possible to be vital, creative, enthusiastic, energetic, sexy, and “shout-out” fantastic.”  Senior Star Power Productions produced fifteen musical reviews, including “Rockin’ With The Ages,” “The Beat Goes On” and “We Have a Dream.”   These musical reviews feature the only talent that is 60+; some have extensive experience in the stage, film and TV industry; some are newcomers.  Her shows are nothing short of bursting with talent!


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In her latest book, “Get Up, Get Out, & Get A Life! It Ain’t over Til I Say It’s Over” you’ll read,  “I believe I’m a perfect example of what the right attitude and gratitude can do for you.  You need to know who you are and realize there is still a lot of livin’ to do.  The purpose of life, after all, is to live it.  This is truly our time to live life to the max-to taste each experience and to live in the present moment, wisely, lovingly and with enthusiasm.  In today’s world, it takes guts to get older, without being old. Ageing happens to everyone.  It’s inevitable.  However, there’s no need to become a victim of age.”  I would agree that Pink Lady is a perfect example – and one that I hope many will follow.

Last Veterans Day, she produced the Senior Star Power 2016 Talent Competition “America Salutes Our Veterans,” held in the SOLD OUT 1300 seat Historic Wadsworth Theatre located on the VA Grounds in West Los Angeles.  At the event was an impressive list of Honorary Co-Chairs, Host Committee and award recipients, including Mayor Eric Garcetti, Congressman Ted Lieu, Former Congresswoman Diane Watson, Council Members Mitch O’Farrell, Jose Huizar, David Ryu, and Mike Bonin; Dodger Great, Tommy Lasorda; “Tie A Yellow Ribbon” Tony Orlando and Ann-Margret and many more.  The audience was incredibly impressed by the sheer level of talent they witnessed, 29 performers each day; It was nothing short of sensational!

In 2018, Pink Lady will open a year-round destination Theatre, The Senior Star Power Theatrical Arts Complex in the Los Angeles/Hollywood area, benefitting the entire community. She produces the ONLY SENIOR THEATRE in Southern California.

Next for this dynamo? “Legends of Hollywood and Broadway” and intergenerational musicals featuring active duty military, veterans and their families from “5 years old to 105 years young.”

For interviews, book signings, and speaking engagements contact Pink Lady at  (818) 606-6679 and visit the Senior Star Power website at


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