CA 17-40 Channeling Universal Commutative Connections

Channeling Ascension with Sara Troy co/host Christina Hill and their guest Donalie Caldwell, on air from October 3rd.

Connecting with the communications of the Universe- Finding a channel that works for you.

Galactic language can come in many ways, the energies from the universe find ways to connect with us to show us our path forward in life. Christina has a divine presence called Athella who speaks through her to communicate the knowledge we need to know. Donalie speaks Galactica and speaks directly to our souls DNA by passing the brain. Both ladies have tapped into their divine energetic gift in order to serve others and know their path forward in life.

When listening to the radio or streaming music on the internet, do you ever find yourself flipping through stations quickly, and then suddenly a song that you love catches you, grabs you, and you start to open up and sing along? Doesn’t that feeling, the sensation of having found a song that you love and feel compelled to sing, FEEL GREAT?!

In this same way, we often flip through channels in our heads throughout the day, listening to the inner dialogue, often going through so many different emotional charges that are attached to these dialogues and ego stories. We can literally cycle through millions of these mind channels every day, and if we are mindfully awake and aware, we can see just how powerful the influence of those mind channels can be. The great news is that we have a choice: we can choose the channels we are connected with, and we can even pick the songs we will sing and dance to!


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The big question Athella poses to all of us is: Are you tuned into the station that you really want? Is the station you are aligned with based in Light? Does it feel good? Or are you a slave to a variety of lower frequency channels, the ones centered in ego and the storytelling, the ones that clamour for your attention and create separation?

Thankfully, there is a way to both dial in and tune out of whatever channel we so choose. Join us for this powerful inter-galactic communications extravaganza to learn simple ways to dial into the Universe, stay plugged into the channel that is appropriate for you, and how to tune out (and eventually dissolve) the lower vibrational stations that are no longer a vibrational match for you!

Donalie Caldwell.

Change your energetics with Galactic Light Language and change your life. Release hidden programming and belief systems, emotions that no longer serve and enable the person you were meant to be rise to the surface. Fulfill your destiny and shine your light in the divinity of who you truly are. This language is one of the most profound tools for personal and spiritual growth for this new age.

I channel Galactic Language for mind/body healing. It can facilitate a change in the energy field and clear subconscious patterns, programs and belief systems from this and past lifetimes. Heal core issues releasing blockages and unlocking the sacred keys of becoming a Divine Human.

This language conveys the frequencies of light, sound and cosmic information from the ancients of the star system, our star lineage.It carries healing codes of light and unconditional love emanating from the Heart of the Universe, God, Creator, Source.This quantum energy language is capable of working on the cellular and even the DNA levels of the Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual bodies.

Donalie offers courses to those who speak Galactic language.