WJ 17-49 Pursuing an EXTRAordinary Life In Mid-Life-

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins and her guest Clifton West, on air from December 5th.

 Getting Our Groove Back and Finishing Strong


clintClifton West has led an extraordinary life disguised as an ordinary man.  Life has afforded him a wonderful childhood, an exciting world-class track career that put him on the path to the Olympics, a successful and thriving business and the opportunity to travel throughout the world.   One would think that all of this success would change a person, perhaps cause them to feel that they are somehow “better” than others.  For Clifton West that could not be further from the truth.

In his book “Of Life and Time” Clifton West chronicles his life and what was going on in the world during these times.  A child of the late fifties, a teenager of the 60’s and a young adult of the 70’s, Clifton’s book is rich with memories of those times and the lessons learned while growing up.  He shares with how he came to learn that a life rich in love and peace is much more precious than attaining worldly success.  Clifton’s book shares the soul-substance of an extraordinary life lived by an ordinary person. It attempts to provide a personal yet inclusive testimony of a spiritual journey that has brought him to discover his true life’s purpose.  Clifton describes how this living and breathing phenomenon called ‘life’ moving within this ever-advancing entity called ‘time’ provides for us all a profound introduction to our life’s purpose.

Through an improbable labyrinth of incredible experiences, Clifton has gained much wisdom and he shares that wisdom in his book.  Clifton’s consistent message is that it’s not so much about his life’s achievements or the riveting anecdotes he shares, but what he learned along the way that has brought him a strong sense of clarity and purpose.

Clifton with us these key learnings and how he wants to encourage others to be encouraged, to stay engaged, continue to show up in our lives and pursue our lives purpose to finish strong!


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Clifton West attended and graduated from UC Berkeley. In 1972 he made it to the 24740595_10210719164636260_590741527_nOlympic Trials. After graduating from UC Berkeley, he embarked on a business career, first at IBM and then, in 1976, he became one of the first black owners of a computer software firm. He later restarted his running career, this time as a sprinter – almost unheard of in track, a miler turned 100- and 200-meter specialist – and made the 1977 U.S. 4×400-meter relay team that competed on the world track circuit. He also coached track at Cal, MIT and, for a spell, Sacramento’s Christian Brothers High School. The author is Clifton L. West III, the firstborn of Clifton L. West, Jr. and Irene Bias West. He is the older brother to Dr Cornel R. West, Cynthia R. West-McDaniel, and Cheryl L. West. He is the father of two children (Erika Lynn and Cornel Jamine), stepfather to one child (Brianna Denise), grandfather to four children (Deja Marie, Roni Rachel, Cadence and Corrin), and great-grandfather to two children (Kaden Kameron) and the husband to Leticia Leonor Mendez.