TBT 17-50 Neo and LauraBeth on Never Giving Up

“Thoughts Become Things: International”  with Neomaya Davila aka Neo Positivity and his guest LauraBeth Ryan, on air from December 12th

 Overcoming our biggest pain and despair with the right thoughts and the love of God. Join Neo and LauraBeth as she shares her amazing journey of recovery and trust in life and God and in her self-recovery.
LauraBeth Ryan is the owner of Cheerful Hearts where their motto is “A Cheerful Heart is Good Medicine”  She knows well the adversities life can present and has overcome tremendous hurdles to get where she is today.  A mother to four sons, at the age of 28 she became debilitated due to a spinal injury which left her bedridden for over ten years.

Perseverance, pressing firmly into her faith and finding purpose through the pain propelled her to create a company that inspires, encourages, empowers and educates!  She does this through her speciality greeting card and gift line with words that speak to the soul!  As a Transformational Life Coach, supporting those who are feeling stuck, stressed out, unfulfilled, lacking joy and who want to succeed with exponential results in both business and life!  And as a speaker she shares her story that powerfully impacts her audience to overcome any obstacle that they face, leaving them with a sense of possibility and a knowing that they, too, can go out and live their own inspired life!


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