WJ 18-07 Dreaming BIG In Mid-Life – Allowing  Yourself To Be Led To A Life You Love

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins and her guest Ilona Selke, on air from February 13th 

It’s wonderful to know that in mid-life it is not too late to move forward in life and go after all those dreams that we may have put off earlier in life.   It’s not too late to really LOVE your life.

At mid-life we are ready to take 100% responsibility for our lives and a life true to our dreams and desires.   It truly is not too late, and if we work on moving forward we can accomplish our dreams and live a life we enjoy.

Ilona Selke shares with us ways to dream big and live a life of our dreams.   She reminds us of the importance of positive self-talk and declaring what it is you want for your life.   From her wonderful book “Dream Big – the Universe is Listening”, she shares with us how to co-create our life with the universe and how to manage and transform our negative emotions into a teaching moment that will take us on a journey to pursue our dreams.

Ilona is passionate about life and the fact that it is never too late make a change and pursue what excites you and makes you happy.   Her philosophy of living life passionately, dreaming big, listening to the universe (God, Spirit whatever you call it ) and pursuing life with passion and purpose, is both motivational and inspiring.


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Ilona Selke is an international bestselling author, seminar leader, lecturer, musician and CEO/Co-Founder of Living from Vision. Over 30+ years, Ilona has inspired thousands of people worldwide to discover the power of their consciousness and create a successful life. Her new book “Dream Big: The Universe Is Listening” offers real-life stories of transformation as well as practical tips anyone can use to shapeshift their lives from the inside out. For more information,





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