WJ18-12 How To Remain Happy In Every Moment

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins and her guest Rebecca Norringtion, on air from March 20th

….….. Even When Your  Life Seems To Be A Wreck

It is not uncommon for many of us to search for the “happy” in our lives.  Our society keeps telling us that we must “strive to be happy”,  that being happy is “hard work” , and your not really complete if you are not “happy” .  But is this really true?  What is the true definition of happiness.

On this show I discuss with Rebecca Norringtion, Happiness Specialist, Author, and Talk Show Host about her definition of happy.  Here response might surprise you and also inspire you to pursue your “happy” in a different way.

Rebecca shares with us not only her wisdom but her unique way of looking at life.  She shares with us the things we do every day that are keeping us from happiness, and how to program a more  positive perspective


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Rebecca L. Norrington is first and foremost a student of the Universe and ITs Laws. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, along with decades of education and training on topics from Spirituality to Human Behavior. Her professional journey includes several vocations: Radio & TV Personality, Author, Speaker, Intuitive, Healer, Spiritual Teacher & Fitness Instructor.

In August 2011, Rebecca premiered RealitySpirituality, an online radio show that shares revolutionary tools and strategies that enable you to maintain and sustain a personal vibration of internal peace and contentment, regardless of your external circumstances. Rebecca focuses on everyday LIFE circumstances and HOW these circumstances and more importantly, our reaction to the circumstance affect our personal vibration. Rebecca’s RealitySpirituality audience has grown rapidly and currently has thousands of listeners around the world. Rebecca has a clear vision of hosting RealitySpirituality on a MAJOR TV Network.

RealitySpirituality can be heard LIVE every Saturday & Sunday at 7:00 AM (PST)


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