AK 18-15 Protogenesis. Before The Beginning by Alysia Helming

An Author’s Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest  Alysia Helming, on air from April 10th

Before The Beginning by Alysia Helming In Protogenesis, cultural fiction and ancient mythology converge in modern-day Greece. The novel follows Helene, an American teenage girl whose entire life is thrown into disarray when her mother suddenly disappears. She moves to Greece to live with a relative and must navigate how to fit in her new life and transform into the powerful woman she really is. While investigating her mother’s disappearance, Helene discovers a portal to another world, where Greek mythology comes to life…“I love strong women, and Helene embodies that. unnamedThis book is a great reminder to dream deep” – Whitney Reynolds, Host of
The Whitney Reynolds Show on PBS

Over 500 people in Greece have contributed to the author’s research for theProtogenesisnovel, including renowned Greek archaeologists, cultural and mythology experts, and the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

Due to the overwhelming support in Greece, Protogenesis has been selected to be featured in the United Nations’ (UNESCO) 2018 World Book Capital Event in Athens.Publisher: Black Rose Writing“This book bridges Greek & American communities with creativity, fantasy and a strong woman main character who learns what she’s really made of.“ –  
Aly Walansky, Lifestyle Journalist & Contributor to Today,
PopSugar & Women’s Health


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American novelist Alysia Helming is the best-selling author of the ProtogenesisBook Series, she is President of Protogenesis Media, and Executive Producer of the short film series Footsteps in Athens  which bring to life a selection of the book’s most intriguing scenes showcasing real-life experiences in Greece.

Alysia is also the Executive Producer of Meet Me In Greece, an American reality-based TV series which is currently under contract.

When Alysia isn’t writing, she is considered a ‘Clean Energy Guru’ and is also a majority investor/owner in Pristine Sun, a major solar independent power producer in the United States. Alysia is also Vice President of Green Reach, Inc., a diversified renewable energy company.

Alysia Helming has over 25 years’ experience in providing internal and external advisory services to CFOs & CEOs for Fortune 500 and mid-sized corporations, including Jacuzzi, Bushnell, Wells Fargo, Hallmark Cards, DST Systems and Exelon.

Most recently, Alysia served as CFO for at Pristine Sun. Prior to this, she was the CFO for renewable energy and wellness companies, Krystal Clean Biofuels and Probiotics Holdings, Inc., and was Director of Finance at Bushnell Outdoor Products, a $400MM corporation.

Alysia speaks on many topics including, but not limited to:

    • Protogenesis: Before The Beginning
    • How everything that Alysia writes about, happens in real life
    • Women’s Issues / Empowerment
    • Teaching women how to forge their inner strength
    • Using your book as a platform in the film industry
    • Writing / Screenwriting
    • Using the power of Greek Mythology to create your path
    • Clean energy / solar & wind power
    • Parenting children with special needs & Motherhood
    • Entrepreneurship & Start-up companies
    • Greece – Culture & Mythology
    • Spirituality & Near Death Experiences
    • Women in Business & Film

“…a thrilling story full of plot twists and turns…”
– Children’s Book Review
Kostas Martakis

    • E! Entertainment as one of the is an award-winning Platinum Greek Recording Artist, Model, Television Star and Actor.  Kostas was named by “25 Most Sexy Men in the World”, describing him as a “Greek God”.

Forever & Tonight the hit single written for the release of Protogenesis was written and song by Kostas Marakis. www.kostasmartakis.com

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